Recycle means using waste as material to make a new product.  Recycling involves changing the object or material and making a new object from it.  Some of the most commonly recycled items at Castro Valley businesses include cardboard, paper, plastic, and metal, all of which can be made back into the same thing or other useful items.

Click here for a helpful flyer of what can be recycled in Castro Valley.

Schedule a free and quick site assessment by contacting CVSan at 510-537-0757 to begin your basic recycling program.  This will earn you your first R – Recycle.

Alternate “Recycle” Activity Options

  • Take bottles and cans to a buy-back center.
  • Identify another unusual material currently not accepted in the single-stream recycling program.  Arrange for regular and ongoing collection of that material. Please note that WM is the franchised hauler and therefore has the first right of refusal to provide this service. Call WM at 510-613-8751.  If WM does not accept the material, go to Stopwaste.Org’s online Recycling Guide at

Recycling at Redwood Animal Hospital, a 4R Star Business since 2011

How Do I Become a 4R Star?

Start and maintain at least one activity in each of the following categories (click the links below to find out more about each “R” for your business): 





Over 50 businesses have already become 4R Stars and received their award and recognition.  Support your local 4R Star businesses – Click here for the directory of certified businesses.

Are you ready to apply for 4R Star certification?

Complete the 4R Business, 4R Planet Program application and submit to CVSan.

Businesses that successfully complete the 4R Business, 4R Planet Award Program requirements earn their 4R Stars.  4R Star businesses will receive:

  • A cash award ranging from $150 to $525 (depending on business size and level of waste diversion).
  • An award certificate to display with pride.
  • One (1) free advertisement in the Castro Valley Forum.
  • And more!

Eligible businesses include all businesses located within the CVSan boundaries including preschools.  K-Adult schools and home-based businesses are not eligible to become certified 4R Stars at this time, however they may participate in the Alameda County Green Business Program.

Every 3 years, each 4R Star will be notified of quick and easy recertification procedures.