After more than a decade, CVSan proudly continues to offer its 4Rs Field Trip for 3rd graders. 


Click here or call 510-537-0757 to register and see below for links to the pre and post field trip lessons as well as a class roster sheet. Speakers are also available to present to teachers, staff, and students in after school programs, and other school groups. Click here to complete a Community Group Outreach request form to request a speaker.

4Rs Field Trip

Students arrive at the Castro Valley Sanitary District offices where they learn the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot), how to properly sort trash, as well as make their own recycled paper! This fun-filled 2 hour field trip is offered free to Castro Valley schools. Free bus transportation is also provided to CVUSD schools. Call 510-537-0757 to register.

Lesson Plans

CVSan Content Standards Correlations

CVSan Pre/Post Field Trip Lesson Plans and Activities

Lesson 1: Pre- Field Trip: What are Natural Resources?

Lesson 2: Pre- Field Trip: People Use Natural Resources

Lesson 3: Post- Field Trip: Reducing the Amount of Plastic That Goes to a Landfill

Trash and Resource Facts

Class Roster Sheet for use on the day of the field trip.

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