What is a 4R Star Business?

Become a “4R Star” with CVSan’s “4R Business, 4R Planet” Award Program

To recognize and reward businesses for being a company where green practices are business as usual, CVSan implemented the 4R Business, 4R Planet Award Program in 2009.  The 4R Business, 4R Planet program certifies “4R Star” businesses that complete ongoing activities in each of the 4R categories – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot (organics).  CVSan businesses that recycle and add organics service are most likely already completing all 4Rs.  Businesses that certify, for a limited time, receive a cash incentive up to $525!  4R Star businesses are also periodically recognized in the Castro Valley Forum, through news releases, events, and on our website all at no cost to them.

Jenny’s Café, a 4R Star since 2011.

How Do I Become a 4R Star Business?

Download 4R Business, 4R Planet Application and find out what it takes! Eligible businesses include all businesses located within the CVSan boundaries including preschools.  K-Adult schools and home-based businesses are not eligible to become certified 4R Stars at this time, however they may participate in the Alameda County Green Business Program. Every three years, each 4R Star will be notified of quick and easy recertification procedures.

Businesses that successfully complete the 4R Business, 4R Planet Award Program requirements earn their 4R Stars.  4R Star businesses will receive:

  • A cash award ranging from $150 to $525 (depending on business size and level of waste diversion).
  • An award certificate to display with pride.
  • One (1) free advertisement in the Castro Valley Forum.
  • And more!
Commercial Services Guide 4R Star Application 4R Star Program Changes


Commercial Services and Green Resource Guide 2014-2019 and Insert

4R Business Application
Download 4R Business, 4R Planet Application
Download Flyer of Program Changes

4R Star Business Directory

Over 100 businesses have already become 4R Stars and received their award and recognition.  Support your local 4R Star businesses – Click here for the directory of certified businesses.

4R Star Business Employee Recognition Event

On Friday, October 26th from 10:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. all current 4R Star businesses are invited to attend the 5th annual recognition event at CVSan offices, located at 21040 Marshall Street. All employees will receive thank you gifts and a free brunch. Some will receive certificate awards as well! To RVSP, please email Purvi Solanki at purvi@cvsan.org or call (510) 537-0757 ext. 117..