Need Help Starting or Improving a Program?

WMAC and CVSan are available for assessments by appointment to help you fine tune your waste reduction efforts and save you money.   We are also available for trainings (in English or Spanish) to start up programs or even to give refresher trainings to help your staff.  Please CVSan at 510-537-0757 if you’d like to receive training and/or a free assessment to assist your business.


“We don’t have enough space for more containers.”  We can tailor a bin/cart configuration to fit most businesses.  Also, services are available up to 5 days a week at no additional charge so you can arrange for smaller containers with more frequent service to make reducing waste fit your space.

“Training employees to use the new system will take too much time.”  We’ve actually found that most Castro Valley business employees are willing and able to help their employer do the right thing by reducing waste and also save money at the same time.  Once a program’s been running for a while, it becomes a habit for those who participate. 

Please see the menu below for links to helpful CVSan commercial resources:

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Technical Assistance and Training

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Hazardous Waste (Small Business Generator Program)



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