CVSan businesses can request indoor containers, signage, stickers, and accessories from CVSan at no charge.  Fill out a Donation and Supply Request Form and send completed forms to CVSan via fax, 510-537-1312, or email,

Donation and Supply Request Form  

If you don’t find what you need on the form, don’t worry, we donate a range of supplies to help businesses reduce waste.  We can even customize signs to display the waste you generate at your business.  Please call CVSan at 510-537-0757 ext 102 to let us know exactly what you need.


Container Set Up

Our staff can assist you in setting up your new containers and signage.  You can also follow these steps to set up your own containers.

  1. Pair recycling and organics containers with garbage containers – stand alone containers will almost surely be contaminated
  2. Place signage on walls at eye level and place stickers on containers in a visible area
  3. Reduce the size of indoor garbage containers – most businesses produce little garbage so don’t encourage wastefulness with oversized garbage containers
  4. Not every location in your business will need all three containers – make recycling and organics disposal easy and convenient but use your judgement to determine where you will need access to each type of container