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Businesses are an important part of CVSan’s goal to reduce the amount of solid waste sent to landfills and supplying you with what you need to fill those organics and recycling bins is an important component.  Click here for our Donation and Supply Request formSend completed forms to CVSan via fax 510-537-1312 or email contact@cvsan.org.

If you don’t find what you need on the form, don’t worry, we donate a range of supplies to help businesses reduce waste.  We can even customize signs to fit exactly those materials you have at your business.  Please call CVSan at 510-537-0757 to see what is available.

Examples of past donation requests are as follows:

Clearstreams (recycling or organics)
Slim Jim containers with lids (recycling or organics)

Drop boxes for recycling, organics, or garbage
Carts for recycling, organics, or garbage

Signage that identifies carts or containers and what goes where:
Customized laminated signs to size/shape needed and materials collected

Food scrap recycling bags
Paper bags for organics or yard trimmings
Reusable Tote Bags (Bring Your Own Bag)

Home Grown compost from Waste Management’s Redwood Compost facility in Novato, California.


Please see the links below for our commercial flyer signs that show what goes where:

Organics (in English)

Organics (in Chinese)

Organics – Paper Towel Composting 

Recycling (in English)

Recycling (in Chinese)

Recycling – Bag-A-Bag Plastic Film 

Garbage (in English)

Garbage (in Chinese)


Please see the menu below for links to helpful CVSan commercial resources:

Organics Services

Recycling Services

Container and Signage Donations

Technical Assistance and Training

The 4R Business, 4R Planet Award Program

Green Business Program

Recycles Day

Hazardous Waste (Small Business Generator Program)



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