CVSan’s organics program allows Castro Valley businesses to divert food soiled paper, plant debris, and food scraps from the landfill.  These materials can be placed in your green organics carts or bins.

What materials can I put in the organics container?

You can refer to our commercial organics poster for more detail on what is accepted in our organics program.

What happens to the material I put in the organics container?

Materials that are placed in organics container are sent to a compost facility to be converted into compost (a soil amendment).  Compost not only helps plants and crops grow, but it helps sequester carbon, retains water in the soil, reduces the need for chemical fertilizer, and provides other benefits.

How do I set up organics service and get my staff to participate?

Learn how CVSan staff can provide technical assistance and training for your staff

What are the mandatory requirements for organics?

Learn more about the mandatory requirements for organics




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