What Does CVSan Have to Offer Events?

Events are where people are open to new ideas; why not go the extra mile and reduce waste as much as you can at your events?  Since we can put so much in the blue recycling and green organics carts in Castro Valley, you won’t need much space for garbage.

CVSan promotes the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot) to the entire community and events are a great place to promote and utilize the 4Rs and even save money while conserving resources.  CVSan has a variety of key resources and expertise to help with event greening with the 4Rs.  If you are ready to reduce the amount of waste your event creates, we are ready to help. Please call the CVSan Solid Waste Department at 510-537-0757 if you’d like to receive free assistance.

What will be Collected and How?

CVSan offers recycling and organics (compost) collection services to events through its contract with Waste Management (discounts and donations may be available).  Make sure you plan for the right containers and signage.  CVSan provides containers, signs, and bags to Castro Valley events, non-profits, businesses, and schools.  Please click here for an online Donation and Supply Request Form or here for the mail-in/fax version.

Think “buddy system” for containers with at least a recycling container for every garbage container.  Remember, a container that’s alone becomes garbage, no matter what the signs on it say.  For more on setting up a collection system, complete with the right services, containers, and signs for your event, please click here.

Is it Recycling? Is it Organics?To find out where all those materials go, please click here.

For free event signs that you can print on your own, please see the following links.

8.5 x 11 Inch Signs:

Recycling (Portrait) | Recycling (Landscape)

Organics (Portrait) | Organics (Landscape)

Garbage (Portrait) | Garbage (Landscape) 

8.5 x 11 Inch Signs (in Chinese)

Recycling (Portrait)

Organics (Portrait)

Garbage (Portrait)

11 x 17 Inch Signs:

Recycling (Portrait) | Recycling (Landscape)

Organics (Portrait) | Organics (Landscape)

Garbage (Portrait) | Garbage (Landscape)

How Important is Event 4Rs Planning?

Whether it’s recycling stations, vendors, or volunteers, planning is important.  CVSan and Waste Management staff are available to perform a free site assessment at your event.  Staff can guide you through the process, including your event’s potential to prevent waste, and any donations, loans or trainings you may need.  Please call the CVSan Solid Waste Department at 510-537-0757 if you’d like to receive free planning assistance.

For more on the basics of 4Rs planning for your event, please click here.

Event Greening Resource Guide

Click here for our Event Greening Resources Guide entitled “How to Green Events the 4Rs Way.”  Everything you see above and more (including important details on event greening) will be located in one handy guide.  You will even learn a little bit about how to green events further than the 4Rs.


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