Green Ribbon Schools Program

Green Ribbon Schools program was implemented in 2007 to guide schools towards sustainable implementation of waste reduction & recycling programs; and reward and recognize schools for their accomplishments.  18 schools in CVSan/CVUSD were eligible to participate.  We are pleased to announce that 16 schools have met the certification requirements and have been certified for the 2013/14 school year.

Shown above are Green Ribbon certified school representatives, the CVSan Board and CVSan General Manager Roland Williams at the CVSan Board meeting on June 3, 2014

Some of the required activities through Green Ribbon include:

  • Implement a school-wide food scrap recycling program
  • Food Scrap Recycling (Organics) containers in school kitchens.
  • Recycling containers at lunch time.
  • Recycling containers, with signage, in all classrooms, offices, workrooms and copy rooms.
  • Complete a waste audit each year.
  • Encourage double-sided printing and post signs to reduce waste.

Schools are also awarded through Green Ribbon, by tier based on school size, diversion, number of activities completed, and more.  Schools are eligible for cash awards up to $2,675 per school per school year. 

Click here to see which schools became certified Green Ribbon Schools in 2013/14. 

Almost every school in Castro Valley has now participated in the Green Ribbon program at one point and most continue to do so each year!

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