What are the types of permits/fees and what are they for?

New Capacity Fee (Single-Family Dwelling): Single-family dwelling units include, but are not limited to, condominiums, townhouses, multi-family units, and other dwelling units. A new capacity fee will be charged when a new dwelling is connected to CVSan’s public sewer system. The new capacity fee shall equal 21 plumbing fixture units (PFUs). PFUs are as defined in the latest edition of the California Plumbing Code.

New Capacity Fee (Other): These fees are charged for commercial tenant improvements, other dwelling units (including mobile home park spaces, hospital per bed, nursing and convalescent homes per bed, motel and hotel rooms), and new construction accessory dwelling units. This capacity fee is based upon the number of PFUs installed.

Inspection Fee: Inspection fees are for each new connection to the public sewer system or for an addition or relocation permit.

Repair Permit: A repair permit shall be obtained any time the owner or his agent makes an opening into, breaks, or otherwise damages a sewer lateral. The repair may be any spot repair up to the full replacement of the sewer lateral.

Abandonment Permit: An abandonment permit shall be obtained whenever a sewer lateral is to be abandoned, even temporarily. The sewer lateral is to be abandoned per CVSan Code Section 4119.

Addition Permit: An addition permit shall be issued any time an addition is made to the completed existing sewer lateral.

Relocation Permit: A relocation permit shall be issued whenever a sewer lateral serving an existing structure is relocated.           

Click here to view the full District Code.


Where can I pull a permit?

Permits can be pulled at the following CVSan Offices:

Repair and CCTV Permits: 

CVSan's Online Permitting Portal

Please note that the online permit portal is compatible only with Firefox or Chrome, and cannot be used with Internet Explorer or Safari.


CVSan’s Main Office
21040 Marshall St
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Please note this office is closed Monday-Friday from 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.


All Other Permits:
Capital Improvement Projects Office
20211 Patio Drive, Suite 200
Castro Valley, CA 94546

Please note this office is closed Monday-Friday from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Who do I contact for more information on permits?

Please contact the Engineering Department at (510) 537-0757.


How does CVSan determine the cost its New Capacity Fee?

CVSan uses third-party consultants to evaluate the cost of the New Capacity Fees. Below is the most recent report.

Capacity Fee Report Cover.jpg

CVSan Capacity Fee Report


Can New Capacity Fees be paid in installments?

CVSan’s Capacity Fee Installment Payment Plan is available for new commercial businesses to pay for their capacity fees in monthly installments.  To apply for this payment plan, please fill out the personal financial statement below and send it to 21022 Patio Drive Suite 200, Castro Valley, CA 94546.


Permits and Fees


New Capacity Fee
(Single-Family Residential)

Valid for one year. Cost does not include inspection fee or any annexation fees.


New Capacity Fee

Fee is based on the number of new plumbing fixture units (PFU). Cost does not include required inspection fee.

Inspection Fee $265

Repair Permit

Valid for 90 days. Includes two site visits. Any additional visits will require a new permit.

Abandonment Permit $160

Addition/Relocation Permit

Valid for one year. Addition and Relocation Permits include an inspection fee of $265 and under certain circumstances, a new capacity fee. Fee is based on the number of new plumbing fixture units (PFU).

$265 +  $715.52/PFU

Special Discharge Permits

Special Permit Application to be submitted to CVSan prior to discharge. 

Annual Fees
Industrial & Intermediate Users $420.00 + additional monitoring fees
Minor Users $210.00 + additional monitoring fees
Groundwater Discharge $420.00 + $6.25/1,000 gallons
Truck-hauled Sewage Water Discharge (only domestic type sewage) $1,000.00 + $0.05/gallon
Swimming Pools $50.00 (minimum)