Sewer Service Charges fund the costs of the maintenance, operation, and replacement of the facilities necessary to collect, treat, and dispose of the wastewater generated from your home or business.

CVSan uses the Alameda County Tax Rolls as the primary method of collection of the Sewer Service Charge on an annual basis. This line item shows up on the property owner’s property tax bill under the Special Assessments section.

CVSan has one of the lowest rates in Alameda County and lower than the average annual charge in the State of California. Below are single-family and multi-family sewer service charge rate comparisons.


Single-Family Sewer Service Charge Rate Comparison Multi-Family Sewer Service Charge Rate Comparison

Adopted Budget_2015-07-15 107.jpg

SSC- Single Family Rates

Adopted Budget tiered_2015-07-15 109.jpg

SSC- Multi-Family Rates Tiered

CVSan uses third-party consultants to evaluate its Sewer Service Charges. Below is the most current rates evaluation.

Evaluation of Sewer Service Charges (pdf)


Annual Sewer Service Charges

Excerpts from CVSan Code. Effective July 1, 2018

User Classification Annual Charge
Residential Dwelling Unit: Includes single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, apartments, mobile homes, secondary units. $419
Accessory Structures: Private, non-commercial units such as garages, workshops, pool fixture unit houses, and other non-habitable structures that are connected to the sewer system but not located as part of a residential complex $419
Auto Repair Services $1,477
Bakeries $1,656
Barbers $772
Bars/Drinking Places $1,235
Beauty Services $1,467
Car Washes $3,594
Coin Operated Laundromats $2,733
Dentists $1,433
Eating Places - Fast Food $4,850
Eating Places - Other $2,203
Eating Places - Restaurant 0-50 Seats $3,087
Eating Places - Restaurant over 50 Seats $6,174
Eating Places - Take Out $2,426
Fitness Centers/Health Clubs $1,806
Gas Stations $2,162
Grocery Markets $3,309
Hairdressers $1,520
Health Services $1,213
Laundering Services $2,315
Limited Food Markets $1,656
Miscellaneous Commercial $772
Mortuaries/Funeral Homes $1,069
Motels/Hotels (Per Bed) $419
Pre-Schools/Daycare Facilities $1,058
Professional Offices $772
Retail $772
Veterinarian Services $1,104
Warehousing $826



Community Services/Organizations


Eden Hospital


Miscellaneous Institutional


Nursing/Care Homes (Per Bed)