Compact Fluorescent Bulb Recycling From Home

Waste Management Launches Online Service for Compact Fluorescent Bulb Recycling From Home provides a streamlined consumer recycling solution for universal household waste offers consumers convenient mail-in solutions to safely store and recycle heavy metal containing household devices, including compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), batteries, and eventually other household electronics, as well as resources to encourage household sustainability.

CFL recycling represents the core service offers consumers. CFLs provide energy savings and help reduce a household’s environmental profile. However, since the devices contain mercury, proper handling and disposal of the bulbs is an important consideration. CFL use is growing rapidly – it is expected that some 4 billion CFLs will be in household use by 2012 – but safe, convenient methods for recycling CFLs and other household universal waste have previously been lacking.

To safely store and recycle used CFLs and batteries, customers can order online and receive prepaid-postage kits delivered to their door. Think Green® From Home CFL recycling kits incorporate Mercury VaporLokTM technology, which is designed to reduce the risk of airborne exposure and environmental contamination from lamps broken during storage and shipping.

The kits are suitable for both the storage and transport of discarded bulbs or batteries and are approved for shipping by the United States Postal Service. Consumers can ship the boxes directly from their home or at any one of the over 34,000 postal offices across the country.

WM LampTracker®, a division of Waste Management, also provides total-care solutions for the storage, handling, transport and recycling of fluorescent lamps for small, medium and large-scale businesses across North America. uses the WM LampTracker® service record in the commercial sector to provide the most streamlined avenue for consumers to recycle their universal household waste with confidence.

For more information on CFL, battery and electronic waste recycling, or to order recycling kits, visit Think Green From Home.


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