Standard Drawings and Mini Spec

If you are a contractor working within CVSan’s boundaries, please review our Standard Drawings and Mini Spec brochure for construction requirements. Please contact CVSan’s Engineering Department at (510) 537-0757 ext. 108 or 127 if you have questions about your project.

Standard Drawings

Standard No. 13.jpg

Standard Drawings, PDF

Article III of the District Code is the General Provisions and Specifications for the Construction of Sanitary Sewers. These specifications reference the standard drawings that provide details of our construction requirements. This link takes you to the current set of CVSan Standard Drawings.

Mini Spec

Mini Spec Brochure-copy_2016_2016-04-22.jpg

Mini Spec Brochure, PDF

The CVSan Mini Spec highlights the main criteria for the construction or repair of the sewer lateral.