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Lateral Replacement Grant Program

Property owners can download an application at www.cvsan.org/grants, pick one up at CVSan's Main Office at 21040 Marshall Street, Castro Valley, or request a copy be mailed or e-mailed by calling (510) 606-1300. Please note that the property owner is responsible for obtaining an application.

After you receive the application, complete Sections I – III.

You obtain price quotations from contractors listed on CVSan’s Qualified Contractors List (QCL).

You need to obtain three (3) quotes; however, CVSan encourages you to obtain four (4) for better price comparison.

Legally, CVSan may not recommend any contractors; however, CVSan does require work for the LRGP be completed by a contractor listed on CVSan’s QCL. CVSan’s QCL is comprised of contractors who have done work in CVSan. Only contractors listed on CVSan’s QCL are eligible to provide valid price quotations for submission and to complete work through the program. For a copy of CVSan’s QCL, please contact (510) 606-1300 or visit www.cvsan.org/grants.

While each contractor is allowed to write a price quotation with as little or as much information as they choose, CVSan will review each price quotation with the property owner and inform them it is in their best interest to request a revised quotation from the contractor if the following pieces of information are not listed on the submitted price quotation:
i. The total cost of lateral repair/replacement.
ii. The cost of wye or tap, should it need to be replaced.
iii. If the total cost of the lateral repair/replacement includes CVSan’s Repair/Replacement Permit.
iv. If the total cost of the lateral repair/replacement includes Alameda County Public Works’ Encroachment Permit.

Written price quotations need to be submitted to CVSan office personnel, along with the completed application. Contractors and CVSan field personnel cannot accept applications or price quotations for the LRGP.

A Condition rating is an assessment of the sewer lateral to determine the degree of defects to the line. Condition ratings take into consideration: pipe cracks, roots, water infiltration evidence, and other defects. Each defect is given a numerical designation (this is similar to the method used on public sanitary sewer lines). Property owners with laterals receiving a poor condition rating may receive grant funding.

Property owners will know they have qualified for the LRGP when they receive a Letter of Approval from CVSan stating that they have qualified and funds have been obligated for your project.

Yes, property owners will need a repair permit from CVSan to perform lateral repair/replacement work. CVSan's current repair permit price is $160. You may also need an encroachment permit from Alameda County Public Works if you are doing work in the public right of way.

After you receive your Letter of Approval, select one of the contractors from whom you have received valid written price quotations to commence work. Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure your contractor has been issued any necessary permits for the job prior to work commencing.

CVSan requires two site inspections: one that the property owner schedules with CVSan personnel to witness the contractor recording your lateral with a camera; and one that your contractor schedules after the new sewer line has been installed, but prior to any backfilling. CVSan personnel will witness testing of the entire line from the building foundation to the connection to the main. Testing will be performed by your contractor.

No, the initial site inspection must be scheduled by the property owner; all correspondence should be conducted between the property owner and the contractor directly, or the property owner and CVSan directly.

Once the second site inspection is complete, you need to submit a copy of your paid-in-full invoice to CVSan for the work performed. CVSan will then process your application for payment; payment will be made within 30 days. Please note, your paid-in-full invoice should either be stamped “Paid-In- Full” or written and initialed by the contractor that it is “Paid-In-Full.”

CVSan takes into account all written complaints from property owners about the contractors. This is a factor when deciding to remove the contractor from the program for the current year, as well when creating the eligibility list for following years. If you would like to file a complaint about a contractor, please contact CVSan.

Solid Waste

Click here for complete details on the program.

If you find a dead animal (ex. rat, opossum, bird) on or near your property, please contact Alameda County Animal Control  to pick up the animal.  If Animal Control is not able to come, Alameda County Vector Control Services District suggests bagging up the animal and placing it in your garbage cart or bin.  Please bag the animal first to help prevent and reduce the potential for disease transmission.

Reduce Your Waste Size Program

Click here for complete details on the program.

Can I Recycle

Compost cleaning wipes and used facial tissue. Wipes must be compostable (paper/tree-based). Please note, cotton or fabric wipes must be disposed of in the garbage. Do not flush cotton or fabric wipes down the toilet, as they may cause a sewer back-up.

Place shredded paper in a paper bag to avoid litter problems, then compost in the green organics cart/bin. Please note, shredded paper cannot be recycled in the recycling cart/bin because the fibers are too short to be made into recycled paper.

Place incandescent and LED light bulbs in the garbage. Please note, fluroescent light bulbs must be disposed of at a Hazardous Waste facility (800-606-6606).


All single-family property owners/residents received a notification letter.

No, you don’t receive a bill from CVSan for solid waste (recycling, organics & garbage) services, because CVSan contracts with Waste Management of Alameda County, Inc. (WMAC) for solid waste services.  You receive a quarterly bill from WMAC.

Call the Waste Management of Alameda County, Inc. (WMAC) Customer Service Center at 510-537-5500, and a Customer Service Representative will be able to look up your account and provide you with information regarding your account.  The Customer Service Center is open Monday-Friday 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

The Special Assessment Process for Delinquent Accounts if for single-family residents.

Sewer Service Charge