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Gleaning, also known as harvesting the extra fruit and vegetables we grow, has been around for centuries and is a fun way to save food and provide for those in need. 


Past Gleaning Events by CVSan and CV Residents

CVSan staff has organized community fruit gleanings to benefit local food pantries and we’ve supported other individual efforts to save produce for those in need by donating fruit pickers like the ones you see in the image above.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018 – Community Tree Fruit Gleaning #1

As a part of Zero Waste Week, CVSan hosted its first ever community tree fruit gleaning in February of 2018 to great success!  A total of 13 members of the community gleaned over 820 pounds of oranges, grapefruit, and lemons for the CV Food Pantry at Faith Lutheran. 

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Wednesday, February 6, 2019 – Community Tree Fruit Gleaning #2

For Zero Waste Week 2019, CVSan organized a Castro Valley tree fruit gleaning to save extra food that otherwise may have gone uneaten. Volunteers assembled at CVSan offices at 21040 Marshall St and then visited pre-approved sites in Castro Valley from which extra fruit and vegetables were harvested. A total of 1,800 pounds were gleaned and donated to Castro Valley food pantries.


Resources to Help You Go Gleaning:

You don’t need to wait for a CVSan event to go gleaning, you can do it all by yourself or with a group.  CVSan can donate tools and supplies you need to save food.  Please see our Donation and Supply Request Form at www.cvsan.org/drform to request such items (write in what you are requesting in the “Other” section if you don’t see it listed).  To find out more about gleaning, read this helpful article or visit the following resources for information on donating gleaned fruits and vegetables:


Ample Harvest – a website that empowers you to donate your excess produce to interested local food banks and pantries (over 6,900 are listed nationally). 

FallingFruit.Org – a website that lets you post your unwanted tree fruit for others to come harvest.  The map is an open source to allow for easy editing and shows fruit tree options all around the world (over 600,000 locations, including over 100,000 in California alone). 


New Life Christian Church - food pantry.

20394 San Miguel Avenue, Castro Valley  (510) 889-1304


Resurrection Greek Orthodox Church - food pantry. 

20104 Center Street, Castro Valley  (510) 581-8950  


Faith Lutheran Food Pantry - food pantry.

20080 Redwood Road, Castro Valley  (510) 582-0818