CVSan’s Mission Statement

"We protect public health and the environment by providing wastewater and solid waste services."

CVSan’s Vision Statement

  • We will continue providing excellent customer service resulting in a high degree of customer support.
  • We will continue having an efficient and motivated workforce.
  • We will continue striving to maintain wastewater rates to stay within the lowest 10% in the Bay Area.
  • We will devise an I & I program and plan.
  • We are proactive in our assessment of sewer easements and will begin acquisitions.
  • We will continue being a leader in decreasing the amount of waste to our landfill.
  • We will establish a succession process plan.
  • We will identify and mitigate potential business continuity issues.
  • We will continue practicing environmental stewardship to protect our resources.
  • We will continue proactively enhancing our strategic partnerships.
  • We will maintain current infrastructure to sustain collection system reliability.
  • We will improve existing collection system to reduce risk of SSOs.
  • We will continue anticipating infrastructure replacement.
  • We will build reserves for future repairs and upgrades.
  • We will develop and implement programs to promote recycling at businesses and multi-family dwellings.
  • We will continue our education programs to promote the Four ‘R’s’.