Solid Waste Department
(from the July 11, 2016 staff memo to the Board of Directors)


1.         Solid Waste Department
The District welcomed Solid Waste Program Intern, Matthew Gloria-Dalton, whose first day was June 23rd and began orientation and training.  The Solid Waste Supervisor arranged a Community Partnership Agreement with California State University East Bay for CVSan to be a designated Learning Site effective June 27, 2016 through June 27, 2021.  The District welcomed undergrad student, Paul Nso, as a Volunteer Summer Intern on June 29th.


2.         Solid Waste Committee
A Committee meeting was held on June 24th and minutes will be included in the August Board packet.  The next meeting is not anticipated until September.

3.         Zero Waste

The Department participated in a design meeting with Granicus’ website design team and project manager to review design examples, identify goals and expectations, and requirements for the new microsite, to launch in the Fall.  The Department successfully applied for and received a Certificate of Registration issued under the seal of the United States Copyright Office for its Zero Waste Characters.

4.         Less Than Weekly Garbage Collection Pilot
The pilot officially kicked off on June 7th, the first week residents were encouraged to not set-out their garbage carts.  Subcontractor, Waste Busters, has been tracking resident participation in the two study areas weekly, and staff is preparing to do lid flip audits in July to record food scrap recycling participation and usage of provided compostable bags.   

5.         WMAC - CVSan Update

Monthly Coordination Meeting:  A meeting was held on June 21st; please see attached meeting minutes. 

6.         Multi-Family Recycling

Staff reached a goal of rolling-out 30 food scrap recycling programs in the multi-family sector for the 2015/16 fiscal year!  129 programs have started since 2012.  In June, seven site visits to multi-family properties were conducted by CVSan. 


Staff hosted the annual multi-family Focus Group on Friday, June 17th.  Attendees consisted of multi-family managers who provided feedback on existing programs and new programs under consideration.


7.         Commercial Recycling

Commercial Recycling: With the help of Cascadia and Waste Management, staff has completed over 120 routine business audits to meet out annual goal for Fiscal Year 2016-17.  Cascadia Consulting (StopWaste contractor) continues to visit and work with Castro Valley businesses who have received non-compliance notice letters for mandatory recycling.  Cascadia is coordinating with CVSan and WMAC on all visits, recommendations, service changes, and container/sign donations for those businesses.  Currently, there are 60 businesses affected, most of whom have been contacted and offered assistance multiple times by Cascadia. 


4R Star Program: Staff recently certified the following new 4R Star Businesses: The Village Barber Shop, DMG North, and Krayon.


8.         School Programs
Green Ribbon: CVSan presented award patches to Green Ribbon schools at the June 14th Regular Board Meeting.  A press release was issued following the meeting. 

Scholarship: Emily Liang, a senior at Castro Valley High School, was awarded the 2015/16 CVSan Environmental Leader in Waste Reduction Scholarship.  She attended the June 14th Regular Board meeting and was recognized for her achievement.  A press release was issued following the Board meeting.


9.         Street Cans/Recycling Pyramids and Maintenance

Staff placed an order for replacement CVSan decals and acrylic plates this month.  The next field audit is scheduled for July.


10.       Used Motor Oil Recycling Grant

The Spring Filter Exchange program ended on June 10th.  72 coupons were mailed to residents.  Staff also purchased a new used oil promotional item for future distribution, a pour spout, to help with the oil changing process.


Staff submitted for the Used Oil Payment Program 7 Application on behalf of CVSan, OLSD, and Unincorporated Alameda County.  Funds will be available to spend on Used Oil-related purchases from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2018.

11.       CVSan Recycles Day
Items to be collected will be the same as August 2015. Certificates of Insurance have been ordered, staffing positions are being determined and signage is being printed.


12.       Castro Valley Forum Advertisements

Ten (10) CVSan ads ran in the Forum during June: (1) ad promoting the June 25th Lea4Rn workshop; (2) ads promoting the Redwood Road Capacity Improvement Project; (1) ad promoting Reduce-Packing with Online Purchases; (1) ad promoting Call Us First; (2) ads promoting the Lateral Grant Replacement Program; (1) ad promoting Event Greening; (1) ad promoting Green Ribbon Awards and School Donations; and (1) ad promoting pharmaceutical waste collection at Eden Medical Center.  Starting next month (July report), wastewater ads will be reported in the Wastewater report.


13.       Pipeline Newsletter

Staff has finalized the articles and layout for the Summer Pipeline, which will reach the community in the middle of August. Planning for the Fall Pipeline will begin in early July.



14.       Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The CAC met on June 23rd.  The Committee discussed the July – November Work Plan, Zero Waste Initiatives, the development of the Zero Waste Stars addition to the 4R Business, 4R Planet program, Mandatory Recycling Phase II, Earth Day Clean-up, and the Less Than Weekly Garbage Pilot. The Committee had plenty of great questions and feedback for the topics discussed. The Committee also selected 2017 Calendar image options for Collections Systems, Zero Waste, and Wastewater themes.


15.       Website/Social Media

During the month of June, 18 social media posts were made which highlighted a variety of departmental programs and 13 photos were posted.  Website pages for 4R Star Businesses, Reduce, HHW, and Repair Workshops were updated. E-blasts were sent to Commercial Property Owner/Manager/Employee, Schools Program, and Multi-Family Property Owner/Manager/Tenant newsletters subscribers.


16.       Castro Valley TV
0 ads were placed during the month of June.  CVTV attended the FixIt Clinic on June 18th to film activity at the end for future videos.


17.       Reduce
No change since last month.


18.       Reuse
Staff hosted a successful Fixit Clinic event on June 18th at the Castro Valley Library.  11 volunteer coaches and 45 participants attended the event.  Items such as laptops, bicycles, blenders, a vintage toaster, a boom box, and several sewing machines were fixed!  The event had an 80% repair rate and a total of 185 lbs of potential waste was diverted from the landfill.  Next month, staff will prepare for the next Fixit Clinic on August 6th.

19.       Event Greening
Staff is working with Dolphin Graphics for services donations for the Castro Valley Car Show in the middle June.  Staff is also working with CV Pride and Sutter Eden’s Super Safety Saturday for services at those events in July. 


20.       Community Group Outreach

LeaR4n Workshop:  CVSan hosted a free screening of the funny and thought-provoking film, the Clean Bin Project on Saturday, June 23rd.  A total of seven members of the community attended and engaged in a good discussion after the movie about reducing waste.


21.       Green Hearts Volunteers
CVSan recently started an exciting new subcommittee of the Green Hearts Program entitled the CVHS Green Hearts Committee.  Staff met with students from the CVHS Smart Energy Club and will continue to do so once or twice each month for the next year.  Students in the Committee are interested in many things such as improving recycling and composting programs at CVHS, volunteering to monitor stations at events, and learning more about what CVSan does and how they can help.


22.       Pharmaceutical Drop-Box Collection

CVSan has received invoices for pick-ups of the collection box at Sutter/Eden Medical Center 101 times since it opened in September 2011. The average weight of collection is 66 pounds.


23.       Staff Training
The Solid Waste Supervisor attended the WasteExpo Conference in Las Vegas, NV on June 6th – 8th and the Solid Waste Specialist attended US Zero Waste Business Council Conference in Austin, TX on June 1st – 3rd.  The Department and Public Outreach Specialist participated in a California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO) workshop on June 28th entitled, “Generational Motivation.”

24.       Donation & Supply Requests

Staff processed 40 Donation & Supply Request Forms for the community totaling $5,677.73 during the month of June.

25.       IT Update

Staff met with the staff IT Group twice during June to discuss various topics relating to CVSan’s RFP for an IT Strategic Plan and compliance with SB272. It was decided that staff will route password logs to the DH to verify all known accounts are listed for District purposes.  Staff participated in an presentation for the District’s consideration. 

Annual Summary Data


Administrative Fees
New Res
Pack Sent


January $48,297.98 61 17 0 13 9
February $62,429.46 *181 9 2 25 21
March $172,532.09 42 27 0 21 7
April $58,011.71 28 3 2 9 7
May $60,813.75 49 3 10 7 4
June $169,238.25 52 6 10 16 6
2016 $571,323.24 413 65 24 91 54
2015 $1,081,778.12 668 231 63 133 81
2014 $1,038,681.55 682 214 72 102 89
2013 $1,032,944.80 569 237 106 98 92
2012 $1,018,905.30 799 198 110 92 78
2011 $980,417.43 579 195 135 150 83
2010 $920,986.76 671 205 96 187 100
2009 $777,740.14 544 277 159 743 215
2008 $608,998.07 446 374 149 136 137

*46 of 181 were new Canyonlands customers.