Solid Waste Department
(from the October 10, 2016 staff memo to the Board of Directors)



1.         Solid Waste Department
The Department participated in the staff Teambuilding event on September 1st.  An annual evaluation of a Solid Waste Specialist was completed.

2.         Solid Waste Committee
The Committee met on September 27th, and minutes will be included in the November Board packet.  A tentative schedule for a new Municipal Solid Waste Collection Agreement was discussed.

3.         Zero Waste
Planning for Zero Waste Week in January 2017 is underway.  Tentative plans include a Museum of Bad Design display at the Castro Valley Library, movie screening, and Fixit Clinic including a sewing component.  The week-long event of educational opportunities and zero waste activities for the community will be held the week after Martin Luther King Jr. day from January 17th through January 22nd.


4.         CalRecycle
City/County Payment Program: CVSan contacted the Alameda County Auditor-Controller Agency this month to set-up a new procedure to deposit the City/County Payment Program check and ensure funds are provided to CVSan to administer the grant.


5.         Legislative Updates
Please see the attached memo for legislative updates from Californians Against Waste, StopWaste, and the California Resource Recovery Association.


6.         Less Than Weekly Garbage Collection Pilot
Newsletters were emailed to residents in the study areas for six weeks, ending the week of September 26th.  On September 27th and 29th, staff and volunteers delivered about 800 rolls total of BPI-certified compostable pail liners (25 BioBags in a roll) to each household in the study areas to promote food scrap recycling and residents holding back their garbage carts. 

7.         WMAC - CVSan Update
Monthly Coordination Meeting:  A meeting was held on September 21st; please see attached meeting minutes.  Public Sector Coordinator Michelle Taylor will be relocating and WMAC is recruiting for a replacement.

Recology Blossom Valley Composting: On September 29th, Board President Johnson and Member Akagi joined staff in a tour of the Recology Blossom Valley (Grover) Composting facility in Vernalis, CA.  Ninety percent of CVSan’s organic materials (plant debris, food & food-soiled paper) are sent to Grover for composting. 

8.         Multi-Family Recycling
Staff continued monthly site visits to check for food scrap participation and visited five multi-family dwellings this month.  Two donation requests were fulfilled and delivered this month.  A Multi-Family Vision document was finalized and contains goals and suggestions on new program components for the next three years.

9.         Commercial Recycling
Commercial Recycling & Organics: Currently, there are 66 businesses affected by the Countywide Mandatory Recycling Ordinance, and most have been contacted and offered assistance multiple times by Cascadia.  Staff visited and completed routine audits with 15 businesses to check up on programs and provide assistance as needed.

4R Star Program: Lake Chabot Public Market, Mama Cho’s BBQ, Milk and Cookie Bar and The Senior Center and Morrison Theater were all recently certified as a new 4R Star business.  Staff also re-certified Yogurt Deluxe as a 4R Star Business.

10.       School Programs
The 4Rs Activity Book was updated with CVSan’s ‘Zero’ character and books were ordered for the next two years of 4Rs Field Trips.  Four Green Ribbon check presentations were given at schools for 2015/16 Green Ribbon certifications.  The CVHS Green Hearts Committee met once in September and was well attended by students.  Staff and Board Members attended the CVUSD Board of Education meeting to present on School Programs and thank the school district for the continuing partnership. 

Waste Audits: 2016-2017 Waste Audits have been scheduled with Marshall Elementary School, Creekside Middle School, and Castro Valley Adult School.  Waste Audit supplies have been inventoried and staged for the first Waste Audit.

4Rs Field Trips: Twenty-five third grade classes have been registered and confirmed for field trips.  The RegOnline portal continues to support 4Rs Field Trip planning and scheduling requirements. The new CVSan Activity Book has arrived and added to the field trip supply inventory.  Staff will begin following up with third grade teachers who have not signed up over the next two months.  The first field trip is scheduled for January 10th with Jensen Ranch Elementary School.


11.       Street Cans/Recycling Pyramids and Maintenance
September’s Street Can Audit took place on September 30th. CVSan has 79 street cans throughout the district.  Staff identified a reduction in instances of graffiti from the previous audit in July, with three cans requiring additional follow up to remove the graffiti.  Two stickers were identified for removal.  Two cans were moved from their original positions and will be moved back.  Three acrylic name plate covers will be replaced due to sun and weather damage.  All street can liners were accounted for and in good condition.  The next street can audit is scheduled for November 18th


12.       Used Motor Oil Recycling Grant
The fall Filter Exchange Program (FEP) is progressing well.  Resident participation is up 30% from the spring, with 51 residents placing out filters for collection in the first three weeks. WMAC continues to send weekly participation updates every Monday for processing by staff.  The fall FEP ends October 21st, and residents have until November 7th to redeem their $10 coupons for a replacement filter at Castro Valley O’Reilly’s Auto Parts.


13.       CVSan Recycles Day
CVSan staff met with Bill Pollock, of Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste, and WMAC on September 27th to debrief the August 13th event.  A drone video of the event was used to review the site and aid in planning next August’s event.


14.       Fall Festival
Three Board members and 14 staff participated in the annual two-day event with an informational booth and basketball “Use This, Not That!” game.  The 1,058 promotional items handed out at the event consisted of SW FOG scrappers, mini broom and mop sets, used oil Frisbees, assorted produce bags, used oil funnels and spouts, 4R activity books, soy crayons, and shop rags.


15.       Castro Valley Forum Advertisements
Five Solid Waste-focused ads ran in the Forum during September: one ad promoting Multi-Family Food Scrap Recycling; one ad with a diversion rate update; one ad thanking Green Hearts Fall Festival volunteers; one ad promoting proper fruit and vegetable storage; and one ad promoting Bulky Goods Pick-Ups.


16.       Pipeline Newsletter
Fall Pipeline articles were routed to the PR Committee for review.  The layout is currently being reviewed by staff.


17.       Community Advisory Committee (CAC)
The CAC met on September 8th. The Committee received presentations on: the Solid Waste Electronic Annual Report to CalRecycle, the Zero Waste Microsite, 4R Business Program and Incentives, the Zero Waste Stars Program, and the Green Hearts Program. The Committee also gave recommendations for Solid Waste advertising and the 2017 calendar.


18.       Website/Social Media
During the month of September, 14 social media posts were made which highlighted a variety of departmental programs and 12 photos were posted.  Website pages for Green Ribbon Schools, Swaps, 4R Star Business Directory, and 4R Star Business List were updated.


19.       Castro Valley TV
No ads were placed during the month of September.  


20.       Reduce
Staff is almost finished designing a new round of food waste prevention supermarket cart ads that will be placed on carts at the Safeway on Redwood Road in October or November for fiscal year 2016/17.


21.       Reuse
Preliminary plans for the 2017 Fixit Clinics took place this month.  The Chabot Room at the Castro Valley Library was reserved for the upcoming January 21st and June 17th events.  Solid Waste Committee reviewed the 2016 Event Report and supported staff’s recommendation to offer up to three Fixit Clinics in 2017.

22.       Event Greening
Solid Waste worked with The Chamber on the Fall Festival in mid-September and Our Lady of Grace for its Fall Festival in late September on event greening services.


23.       Community Group Outreach
Staff completed a total of 21 September Refreshers presentations and assemblies at 12 Castro Valley schools.  


24.       Green Hearts Volunteers
The CVHS Green Hearts Committee met with CVSan once in September to strategize and plan for improvements to recycling and composting at CVHS.  The Committee, including members of the Smart Environment Club and Leadership, sent many volunteers to help monitor recycling and composting stations at the Fall Festival.  In total, 24 students volunteered for 75 hours over two days at the 2016 Fall Festival. 


25.       Pharmaceutical Drop-Box Collection
CVSan has received invoices for pick-ups of the collection box at Sutter/Eden Medical Center 109 times since it opened in September 2011.  The average weight of collection is 65 pounds. It is still expected that, by December 31st, Eden will have started to have collection services paid for by the Alameda County pharmaceutical take-back ordinance and program. At that time, it is also expected that CVSan will not need to pay for this program any longer (the program started in Fall of 2011).

26.       Staff Training
The Department attended the Recology Blossom Valley Composting tour with other members of staff and Board on September 29th.

27.       Donation & Supply Requests
Staff processed 39 Donation & Supply Request Forms for the community totaling $4,404.13 during the month of September.

28.       IT Update
Staff met with the IT Group twice during September to discuss various topics relating to CVSan’s IT Strategic Plan, server upgrades, and database updates. The department began using tablets in the field for business site audits.    

Annual Summary Data


Administrative Fees
New Res
Pack Sent


January $48,297.98 61 17 0 13 9
February $62,429.46 *181 9 2 25 21
March $172,532.09 42 27 0 21 7
April $58,011.71 28 3 2 9 7
May $60,813.75 49 3 10 7 4
June $169,238.25 52 6 10 16 6
July $56,238.55 47 9 10 10 15
August $57,220.07 44 9 0 6 14
September $171,341.07 44 9 0 3 12
2016 $856,122.93 548 92 34 19 95
2015 $1,081,778.12 668 231 63 133 81
2014 $1,038,681.55 682 214 72 102 89
2013 $1,032,944.80 569 237 106 98 92
2012 $1,018,905.30 799 198 110 92 78
2011 $980,417.43 579 195 135 150 83
2010 $920,986.76 671 205 96 187 100
2009 $777,740.14 544 277 159 743 215
2008 $608,998.07 446 374 149 136 137

*46 of 181 were new Canyonlands customers.