Monthly Department Updates

Solid Waste Department

(from a July 10, 2014 staff memo to the Board of Directors)

1.       Solid Waste Department
A Resource Allocation Actual for FY 2013/14 was completed, which provided final data for a proposed Budget Amendment for FY 2014/15 and revised Resource Allocation for FY 2014/15.

2.       Solid Waste Committee
The Committee will meet on August 7th.

3.       Legislative Update
Please see the attached Legislative Update from Californians Against Waste and StopWaste.

4.       Zero Waste
Revised draft Zero Waste Strategic Plan initiatives were presented at the July Board meeting, with a final presentation and Zero Waste Strategic Plan at the August Board meeting.    

5.       WMAC - CVSan Update

Monthly Coordination Meeting:  A meetingwas held on June 18th; please see attached meeting minutes. 

Special Assessment for Delinquent Accounts: Following the Administrative Hearing on July 1st, staff has been preparing the list of accounts for the County of Alameda.    

Davis Street Transfer Station: On June 20th, Board members and staff attended a Davis Street Transfer Station (DSTS) tour of the new C&D and Dry Materials Recovery Facility at DSTS.  WMAC has provided follow-up responses to the Board’s questions from the May Board meeting; please see attached.

Driver Appreciation Breakfast: On June 18th, CVSan hosted a WMAC Driver Appreciation Breakfast and Awards Ceremony at WMAC offices in Oakland.  Awards were given for Fewest Missed Pick-Ups, OutstandingCustomer Service, and Excellent Cart Handler for the past six months.

6.       CalRecycle

The department will begin drafting responses to the 2013 Electronic Annual Report (EAR) in July.  CVSan has a new CalRecycle Local Assistance liaison who will be contacting staff to schedule the annual site visit.  Staff will coordinate with OLSD and UAC for their 2013 EAR responses.  The report is due August 1st. 

7.       Multi-Family Recycling

For the month of June, staff conducted 8 MFD site visits, mailed Oops postcards to 4 MFDs, processed 10 donation requests for MFDs to enhance recycling programs and start food scrap recycling at 6 complexes.  Staff will prepare an annual report and a multi-family 3-year vision update this summer.  Staff attended a Multi-Family Working Group meeting at StopWaste this month to share best practices for outreach methods and learn how other jurisdictions are planning for compliance with Phase II of the Mandatory Recycling Ordinance.

8.       Commercial Recycling

Organics:The Eden Township Healthcare District building at 20400 Lake Chabot Road rolled out new organics and expanded recycling programs for all 6 tenants.  Staff hosted a training event at the building on Tuesday, June 24thfor the tenants.

Countywide Mandatory Recycling Ordinance:Enforcement for phase one of the Countywide mandatory recycling ordinance will begin on July 1, 2014 with StopWaste inspections.  Staff has sent out separate letters to businesses affected by phase one and to those affected by phase two of the ordinance, which goes into effect January 1, 2016.

The 4R Business, 4R Planet Recognition Program:Joyful House and Hong Kong BBQ joined over 80 participants in the program.  See all participants at

9.       School Programs

Green Ribbon Schools Program: 16 schools were Green Ribbon certified this year! 14 school representatives attended the June 3rdCVSan Board meeting to accept their Green Ribbon school banner or patch.  Additionally, staff and Board members attended 4 assemblies/flag ceremonies at schools who requested recognition for their Green Ribbon certification.

Custodian Recognition Luncheon: The third annual Custodian Recognition Lunch was held on Tuesday, June 17that 11:30 a.m. at Canyon Middle School’s cafeteria.  Approximately 50 people attended, including CVUSD custodian staff, Administration, and Board members.  Four CVSan staff and 2 CVSan Board members attended the event and presented to the group.  It was noted this year had the highest participation rate among CVUSD custodians and the event was a success.   

10.     Street Cans/Recycling Pyramids and Maintenance Partnership

Staff is scheduling a street can cleaning for July with a vendor that hand washes each can and captures their own waste water.  Street can cleaning occurs once every two years.  

Asset Information Management System:Staff is in the final stages of development of a pilot AIMS program for street cans.  The pilot is will be completed and ready for staff use by the end of July/first week of August.

11.     Used Oil Recycling Grant

CVSan submitted an application on behalf of unincorporated Alameda County for the used oil payment program (OPP) grant cycle 5 funding for July 1, 2014 – June 30, 2016.  CVSan acts as the Lead Agency on behalf of CVSan, Oro Loma Sanitary District, and the Alameda County Planning Department.  Award notifications will be available in Fall 2014. 

12.     Castro Valley Forum Advertisements

Eight (8) CVSan ads ran in the Forum during June: (1) ad promoting the Multi-Family food scrap recycling program; (1) ad promoting Call Us First; (1) ad congratulating the Green Ribbon Schools for 2013/14; (1) ad providing wastewater construction updates; (1) ad promoting LRGP, (1) ad promoting CVSan 75thAnniversary event; (1) ad promoting upcoming meetings for the Zero Waste Strategic Plan; and (1) ad promoting CVSan’s event greening services.

13.     Pipeline Newsletter

The Summer 2014 Pipeline is edited and ready for upload to the printer soon.  Once completed in late July, the newsletter will then reach the community in mid-August.

14.     Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The CAC met on Thursday, June 12thand discussed and selected options for the CVSan 2015 Calendar monthly photos.  The Committee also discussed CVSan’s 75thAnniversary and the CAC Work Plan for June through November 2014.   

15.     Website/Social Media

During the month of June, there were 12 social media posts pertaining to the Department’s

programs and 5 photos posted to Facebook and Twitter sites during the month. Most of the posts continue to promote messages from the weekly Castro Valley Forum ads and various departmental programs. 

16.     Web-based Video
CVSan, with its multi-media contractor, filmed a series of four commercial/business videos on May 28th.  The film footage was taken at several CVSan 4R Star businesses and is now being edited and compiled into 90-120 second videos for CVSan review and edits in July.

17.     Calendar/Annual Report
The CAC theme recommendation of Schools and Earth Day for the 2015 CVSan Calendar/Annual Report was approved by the PR Committee in early June.  Staff is working on the layout and placing the images from the CAC selection for the Calendar.

18.     CVSan Recycles Day

Signage has been printed, publicity issued, and promotional items determined for the August 9thevent at Canyon Middle School.

19.     Event Greening
Staff is working with Sutter/Eden Medical Center and potential Green Hearts volunteers for the Run to the Lake on Sunday, July 13th.  Like last year’s event, which had over 90% diversion, there will be recycling and organics clearstreams and one small garbage bag tied to the side to encourage as little garbage as possible.  As the Official Recycling Sponsor, CVSan will be having an informational booth at Run to the Lake and will be distributing Used Motor Oil clean-up towels and FOG scrapers.

20.     Pharmaceutical Drop-Box Collection

The collection box at Eden Medical Center has been collected 61 times since it opened in September 2011. The average weight of collection is 54 pounds and the box is consistently collected two times a month. 

21.     Bay-Friendly Landscape
Thirty-six new bay-friendly landscape signs were received July 3rd.  In preparation for CVSan’s 75thAnniversary Event, Four Dimension Landscape Company performed heavy landscape maintenance July 1stand fixed broken irrigation lines on July 3rd.

22.     CVSan’s 75thAnniversary
The Solid Waste Department continues to plan its activities for the hour of Solid Waste programming at CVSan’s 75thAnniversary event on Friday, July 25thfrom 3:15 p.m. to 4:15 p.m.  The activities will include a Waste Management automated organics truck demonstration, educational videos, and a t-shirt to bag activity where CVSan staff will be converting old Earth Day t-shirts and old t-shirts from attendees into reusable shopping bags. Staff is also developing the poster panels of CVSan’s Solid Waste history that will be on the Board room walls for visitors to view that day.

23.     Donation & Supply Requests

Staff processed 80 Donation & Supply Request Forms for the community totaling $1,981.08 during the month of June. 


Month 2014

Administrative Fees Received

New Res Pack Sent

Bag-Its Sold

Paper Garden Bags Sold



Used Oil Resi






































































































2012 Legislative Update & Priority (from Californians Against Waste (CAW), California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA), Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) and StopWaste.Org)


SB 1219 (Wolk) Plastic Bag Recycling
Summary. SB 1219 proposes to extend the sunset of AB 2449 (Levine) which mandates plastic bag recycling at supermarkets.

Position and Status. CAW is watching.


SB 1159 (Calderon) Plastic Bag Recycling

Summary. SB 1159 would create the Plastic Bag Reduction and Recycling Act.

Position and Status.


AB 1442 (Wieckowski) Pharmaceutical Waste Hauling

Summary.AB 1442 allows for medical waste generators to apply for waste hauling exemptions in transporting pharmaceutical waste.

Position and Status.CAW is watching.

AB 1442 is scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials committee on March 20.


AB 1834 (Brownley) - Reusable Bag Definition

Summary. AB 1834 would add a reusable bag definition to the Public Resources Code.

Position and Status.CAW Supports.

AB 1834 is currently in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.


AB 1647 (Gordon) - Tires

Summary.Increases the enforcement of existing tire hauling and manifesting laws to prevent the illegal export of waste tires.

Position and Status.

Support. Scheduled to be heard in Assembly Natural Resources Committee on March 26.


AB 298 (Brownley) - Reusable Bag Bill

Summary. AB 298 prohibits manufacturers from selling or distributing reusable bags to customers unless they meet certain requirements.

Position and Status.CAW Supports.

AB 298 may be acted upon this year. It is currently in the Senate Environmental Quality Committee after passing the Assembly Floor on 4/28, 49-25.


AB 960 (Bonnie Lowenthal) - E-waste Export

Summary.AB 960 will help reduce the export of electronic waste overseas.

Position and Status.CAW Supports.

AB 960 was held in Senate Appropriations and is now a 2 year bill.


SB 568 (Lowenthal) - Polystyrene Food Containers

Summary.SB 568 prohibits food vendors from dispensing cooked food in polystyrene foam or styrofoam containers.

Position and Status. CAW Supports.

SB 568 is inactive on the Assembly floor but eligible to be voted on this year.


SB 589 (Lowenthal) - Fluorescent Light Recycling

Summary.SB 589 would establish a product stewardship program for mercury-containing lamps.

Position and Status. Watch. SB 589 is now a 2-year bill.


AB 1933 (Gordon) - Bottle Bill Enforcement

Summary.This bill is an enforcement bill to reduce fraud from recyclers attempting to import and redeem beverage containers in CA. This measure would lower the load limit a person can import beverage containers into the state before reporting to CalRecycle, and also requires documentation of the source and destination of the material.

Position and Status.

Support. AB 1933 is scheduled to be heard in Assembly Natural Resources Committee 3/26


AB 341 (Chesbro) - Jobs and Recycling

Summary.AB 341 would create green jobs by expanding recycling to every multi-family dwelling and business and would charge CalRecycle with the responsibility for ensuring that the state is recycling at least 75% of the garbage that it generates by 2020.

Position and Status.

CAW Supports.

UPDATE! Governor Brown Signed AB 341!


AB 1149 (Gordon and Wieckowski) - Recycled Plastic Market Development

Summary.AB 1149 would extend a January 1, 2012 sunset for the Plastic Market Development program to continue investment in California’s plastics recycling and manufacturing infrastructure. It would also authorize CalRecycle to ‘reinvest’ up to 50% of savings from an anticipated drop in PET processing fee offsets back into Plastic Market Development Payments.

Position and Status.CAW-sponsored.

UPDATE: Governor Brown Signed AB 1149!


AB 583 (Knight) - Consolidate E-waste Program

Summary. consolidate the E-waste program by transfering DTSC powers to CalRecycle.

Position and Status. Watch. This bill died in the Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials committee.


AB 1019 (Perez) - Carpet Stewardship

Summary. would reenact AB 2398, the Carpet Stewardship Bill passed last year.

Position and Status. CAW Supports. AB 1019 is still alive from last year.


AB 1178 (Ma) - Prohibition on Local Disposal Limits

Summary. AB 1178 prohibits local governments from limiting disposal of imported waste.

Position and Status. CAW Opposes.

AB 1178 is in Senate Environmental Quality Committee and will be eligible to be heard this year.


AB 812 (Ma) - Recycled Concrete and Asphalt

Summary. AB 812 would increase the allowable amount of recycled asphalt pavement used by CalTrans to 50%.

Position and Status. CAW Supports. AB 812 is currently in the Senate Transportation and Housing committee.


SB 833 (Vargas) - Gregory Canyon Landfill

Summary. SB 833 would have limited the building of landfills that are within a specific distance of a San Diego waterway or Native American sacred site. Specifically, this legislation would have applied to the proposed Gregory Canyon Landfill.

Position and Status. CAW Supports.

Governor Brown vetoed SB 833.  Read the veto message.


SB 489 (Wolk) - Net Energy Metering

Summary. SB 489 will foster the development of anaerobic digesters and other small renewable energy projects by allowing them to be included in the state's Net Energy Metering program.

Position and Status. CAW Supports.

SB 489 was signed by the Governor.


AB 408 (Wieckowski) - Paint and Used Oil Recycling

Summary.AB 408 provides regulatory reform to make paint and used oil recycling easier.

Position and Status.CAW Supports.

AB 408 was signed into law by the Governor.


AB 794 (Wieckowski) - Strengthening CA's Landmark E-waste Law

Summary.AB 794 would close a loophole in current e-waste law and protect the state against frivolous lawsuit.

Position and Status.CAW Supports.

AB 794 is heading to the Senate Floor.*update: AB 794 was gutted and amended and is now local facility bonds.


SB 419 (Simitian) - Home-Generated Medical Sharps

Summary. SB 419 requires medical sharps manufacturers to improve electronic access to their annual sharps disposal reports.

Position and Status. CAW Supports.

SB 419 is in the Assembly Appropriations committee and eligible to be heard this year.


SB 915 (Calderon) - Plastic Carryout Bags

Summary. SB 915 mandates reduced plastic bag use and establishes a schedule of required recycled content in plastic bags, including both post consumer content and post-industrial content.

Position and Status. CAW was watching this bill. It was pulled from Senate Environmental Quality Committee on 5/2 and is no longer active.


AB 921 (Allen) - Compost Study Bill

Summary. AB 921 directs the state to measure the significant agricultural water efficiency benefits of applying compost to croplands.

Position and Status. CAW Supports. AB 921 was held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee on 5/27 and is now a dead bill.


AB 525 (Gordon) - Tire Recycling

SummaryAB 525 (Gordon) extends CalRecycle's successful Rubberized Asphalt Concrete tire recycling program.

Position and StatusCAW Supports. AB 525 just passed both houses and was signed into law by Governor Brown on October 8, 2011.


AB 34 (Williams) Compost Infrastructure Development

Summary. AB 34 targets the most prevalent items in our waste stream by encouraging the development of compost facilities to recycle organic materials.

Position and Status. CAW Supports.

AB 34 was held in Assembly Appropriations Committee and is now dead.


SB 567 (DeSaulnier) - Truthful Environmental Advertising in Plastics

Summary.SB 567 expands the scope of current plastic end-of-life claim labeling requirements from bags and food packaging to all plastic products.

Position and Status.

CAW Supports.

UPDATE: Governor Brown signed SB 567!


AB 818 (Blumenfield) - Renter's Right to Recycle Act

Summary.AB 818, the Renter's Right to Recycle Act, provides a residential recycling opportunity for more than 7.1 million Californians residing in more than 2.4 million multifamily dwelling units.

Position and Status.  CAW Supports.

AB 818 passed the legislature and was signed in to law by Governor Jerry Brown.


SB 515 (Corbett) Household Battery Recycling Bill

Summary.Product stewardship for household batteries

Position and Status. CAW Supports.

SB 515 was held in the Senate Appropriations Committee and is now a dead bill. Previously, it passed out of Senate Environmental Quality Committee  4/4/2011 with a 5-2 vote.




Bill #


Subject Note: CRRA positions are subject to change based on changes to legislative text.

CRRA Position

AB 298


Would require reusable bags are made from materials that can be cleaned and disinfected; bags may not contain lead, cadmium, or any other heavy metal in toxic amounts.


AB 34


Spot bill potentially for compost use issue.


AB 341


Mandate local govs provide recycling program for businesses with >4 yards of weekly garbage/recycling services, and potentially all multi family residences;  Increase AB 939 waste diversion mandate from 50% to 75% by 2020; Ease review process for local nondisposal facility element (NDFE); Change submission deadline for local diversion mandate reports to May 1.


AB 525


Would extend for 5 years tire recycling grant program that would otherwise expire this year.


AB 818


Would enact the Renters’ Right to Recycle Act would require MFD owners to arrange for recycling services.


AB 900


Require schools to provide recycling and composting bins, but says nothing about provision of recycling collection services.


AB 921


Would enact the Agriculture Water Efficiency with Compost Use and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act of 2011, requiring CalRecycle in consultation with UC to measure agricultural water efficiency resulting from the use of compost.


AB 960

Bonnie Lowenthal

Would require recyclers to conform their export practices as a condition of receiving existing payments under California’s Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003.


AB 1149

Gordon and Wieckowski

Would extend for 5 years the Plastic Market Development program that would otherwise expire 1/1/12.


SB 515


Establish a product stewardship program for household batteries including rechargeable and single-use alkaline batteries.


SB 567


Would prohibit misleading labeling of plastic products such as “biodegradable” on plastic products.


SB 568


Would prohibit use of polystyrene foam food takeout containers, including clamshells, cups and bowls.


SB 915


Would suspend local plastic bag ordinances and prohibit local governments from enacting plastic bag bans or fees on plastic bags. Would also establish a mandatory recycled content in plastic bags (Year 1 - 5% PC; Year 2 – 7% PC; Year 3 – 10% PC), increase funding for recycling education, and establish incentives for consumers to return or recycle plastic bags.



Watch List


AB 204


Sales and use taxes exemption for biomass energy production


AB 712


Convenience Zone recyclers


AB 768




AB 812


Use of recycled concrete and asphalt by CalTrans


AB 1019




AB 1178




SB 41




SB 419




SB 457


Curbside collection of HHW


SB 518


Bottle Bill


SB 589




SB 771


LFG to energy


SB 833




SB 932