Solid Waste Department
(from the August 10, 2017 staff memo to the Board of Directors)



1.         Solid Waste Department
The Department welcomed a summer Student Animation Intern, Angelina Retodo, on July 10th (see Item No. 3) and bid farewell to Administrative Assistant (AA) Pay Krevey at her retirement event on July 12th.  Solid Waste projects where AA Krevey was the lead have been handed over to staff, and training is in progress.  The Solid Waste Supervisor participated in writing questions and sitting on the July 6th interview panel for the Administrative Technician, and reviewing the draft Printer Request for Proposals (RFPs).  The Department welcomed Andrea Jones on July 31st, who was the successful candidate for the Administrative Technician position, and provided orientation.  A Sharing and Innovation meeting was conducted on July 26th, and staff watched the documentary, Minimalism, to explore strategies for Zero Waste.  Members of the Department participated in July’s Safety Committee meeting, and prepared and submitted a Health & Wellness Reimbursement to California Sanitation Risk Management Authority.


2.         Solid Waste Committee & New Solid Waste Contract Ad Hoc Committee
The New Solid Waste Contract Ad Hoc Committee and Solid Waste Committee met on July 18th; please see minutes included in the September agenda packet and Item No. 5.

3.         Zero Waste

CVSan’s Zero Waste lifestyle microsite,, completed its test phase in July, and staff is preparing a press release and social media posts to promote the site.  Staff worked with the Student Animation Intern to conceptualize a story board, background scenes, and style of rigging for animation.

4.         CalRecycle Electronic Annual Report
Staff met with CalRecycle staff on July 6th for an annual site visit.  The annual report on behalf of Unincorporated Alameda County (UAC) was prepared by staff in coordination with Oro Loma Sanitary District and County of Alameda for the August 1st deadline.  Staff reviewed the disposal rate calculation, which yielded 1.7 pounds/person/day, with a State goal for UAC of 4.9 pounds/person/day.  20 pages of detailed answers were provided to CalRecycle on UAC’s source reduction and recycling efforts, household hazardous waste diversion programs, and mandatory commercial recycling/organics recycling.

5.         New Municipal Solid Waste Contract
Sections of the draft (RFPs will be reviewed by the Board at the August 1st Board Meeting, and those sections will be posted at for public comment.  Staff and HF&H Consultants have been working through the draft Collection & Processing Agreement, exhibits, and cost forms.  It is anticipated that the RFP will be released by or before September 1st.

A demonstration by Canology, a cart washing company, was conducted on July 24th.  Four complementary cart washings will be offered to members of the Community Advisory Committee to provide feedback to CVSan on their experience and opinion on the service.

6.         StopWaste
StopWaste’s annual rate survey for Alameda County member agencies has been included as an attachment.  Staff presented on July 13th to the Recycling Board on a municipal panel about CVSan’s School Programs.

7.         Waste Management of Alameda County (WMAC)

Monthly Coordination Meeting:  A meeting was held on July 19th; please see attached meeting minutes.  Please see attached tonnage reports.

Delinquent Accounts: An Administrative Hearing was completed by the Board on July 11th, and the approved list of accounts is being prepared for assessment on the 2017/18 tax roll.


Cart Audits: Staff is preparing to conduct a cart survey of CVSan residential carts, starting in August with all carts serviced on Thursday.  The purpose of the survey is to catalog the carts that are currently cracked or split.  Over the next several months, staff plans to survey all single-family homes in CVSan in order to replace all damaged carts before the warranty with Rehrig Pacific Company expires in 2019.

8.         Multi-Family Recycling

No monthly maintenance letters were mailed this month.  Several donation requests were processed for multi-family properties.  Staff is finalizing the next cycle of outreach which will include visits to over 80 multi-family properties in Fiscal Year (FY) 2017/18.     


9.         Commercial Recycling

4R Star Program: Staff sent six recertification letters in July, and recertified one business.


10.       School Programs
Green Ribbon: Staff is updating the Green Ribbon Application for the 2017/18 School Year and will email the document to all schools in late August.

Custodian Recognition Lunch: CVUSD and CVSan hosted the 6th Annual Custodian Recognition Luncheon on July 14th at Canyon Middle School.  Approximately 70 custodians and CVUSD staff attended this event.  There were three individual awards for outstanding efforts in waste reduction from the following custodians:

·         Food Scrap Recycling Partner of the Year – George Hughes of Canyon Middle School

·         Recycling Partner of the Year – Jarvis Hubbell of Jensen Ranch Elementary School

·         Dan Curry Program of the Year – Will McHugh of Palomares Elementary School


11.       Street Cans/Recycling Pyramids and Maintenance

The Street Cans were inspected on three different days, due to the warm weather streak that occurred in mid-July.  The maintenance was completed on July 25th.  Street Cans from the July audit indicated the cans are in good working order.  

12.       Used Motor Oil Recycling Grant

Staff began preparing the Used Oil Annual Report due August 15th.


13.       City/County Payment Program
The City/County Payment Program annual report is due on September 1st and staff is compiling expenditure information as well as program highlights in preparation for inputting the needed information to complete the report.


14.       Recycles Day

Recycles Day will occur on August 5th.  In preparation for the event, staff will be trained on safety and what to expect the day-of, sign bases will be purchased to prevent stop signs from blowing over, and additional walkie talkies will be implemented for staff and vendors to communicate more effectively.


15.       Castro Valley Forum Advertisements

Three Solid Waste-focused ads ran in the Forum during July: one ad promoting CVSan’s theme of “Less Stuff. More of What’s Meaningful. Select your Path to Zero Waste!” and two ads promoting the August Recycles Day event.


16.       Pipeline Newsletter

During the month of July, the Summer 2017 Pipeline was printed and will be mailed to residents in August. Article topics for the Fall 2017 Pipeline were reviewed by the Public Relations Committee and assigned to staff to write.


17.       Website/Social Media

During the month of July, 12 social media posts were made to highlight a variety of departmental programs; and 11 photos were posted.  Website pages for LeaR4n Workshops, Compost, E-Waste, HHW, Mattresses, and Pharmaceuticals were updated. 


18.       Castro Valley TV
On July 20th staff met with representatives from Castro Valley News to discuss new advertising options. Staff are currently discussing these potential options moving forward.


19.       Reduce
At the Department’s Sharing and Innovation meeting on July 26th, staff developed messaging around the new theme for this FY “Less Stuff, More of What is Meaningful.”  This theme, which will be integrated into everything the department does, will encourage the community to focus on what’s meaningful in life such as experiences and time with friends and family rather than purchasing more things or “stuff.”  


20.       Reuse
No change since last month.

21.       Event Greening
Staff worked with Castro Valley Pride and the Redwood Car Show to provide recycling and organics services for their events in July.  Staff is preparing services and greening efforts for the Greek Orthodox Church Greek Festival in August and the Chamber’s Castro Valley Fall Festival in September.

22.       Community Group Outreach
Staff is developing the 2018 CVSan Zero Waste Week series of events and contacting potential speakers and groups to partner with to engage the community.

23.       Green Hearts Volunteers
CVSan will be meeting with the Castro Valley High School (CVHS) Green Hearts Committee on August 1st to plan the upcoming school year improvements to recycling, organics, and waste reduction at CVHS.

24.       Pharmaceutical Drop-Box Collection

Sutter/Eden Hospital is still waiting for legal department approval to install the new pharmaceutical collection bins and start collection services paid for by the Alameda County Pharmaceutical Take-back Ordinance in July or August.  CVSan and Sutter had a final agreement extension with Sutter/Eden that covered disposal costs from the old collection bin from October 2016 through March 2017.  A container is available at Clayworth Pharmacy on Lake Chabot Road.


25.       Staff Training
No change since last month.


26.       Donation & Supply Requests

Staff processed 30 Donation & Supply Request Forms for the community totaling $1,844.65 during the month of July.

27.       IT Update

Staff met with the IT Group twice during July to review and discuss the IT Initiatives FY 2017/18, saving documents, AT&T fiber installation, and to wrap-up the ransomware attack.

Annual Summary Data


Administrative Fees
New Res
Pack Sent


January $55,501.81 44 13 0 5 8
February $62,555.79 30 9 0 4 4
March $183,934.35 51 14 10 7 12
April $58,615.35 44 5 8 2 9
May $58,257.58 170 20 21 8 4
June $175,311.63 48 5 27 7 9
July $61,729.09 69 11 13 7 17
2017 $655,905.60 408 77 79 40 63
2016 $1,130,189.26 710 166 55 128 130
2015 $1,081,778.12 668 231 63 133 81
2014 $1,038,681.55 682 214 72 102 89
2013 $1,032,944.80 569 237 106 98 92
2012 $1,018,905.30 799 198 110 92 78
2011 $980,417.43 579 195 135 150 83
2010 $920,986.76 671 205 96 187 100
2009 $777,740.14 544 277 159 743 215
2008 $608,998.07 446 374 149 136 137