Monthly Department Updates

Solid Waste Department
(from a February 10, 2015 staff memo to the Board of Directors)

1.       Solid Waste Department
A Sharing and Innovation meeting was held with the Department on February 2ndand draft Budget for 2015/16 and 2016/17 were prepared.  The Department is selecting projects from last year to apply for awards.  Safe Pick-Up Driver Training was coordinated for Solid Waste, Administration, and Engineering Department staff at Oro Loma Sanitary District.  Staff continues to participate in the Succession Planning Committee and New Facilities Committee.

2.       Solid Waste Committee
The Committee will meet in March.

3.       Canyonlands Solid Waste Services

The County of Alameda made application to Alameda County LAFCo for annexation of the Canyonlands into CVSan for solid waste services.  LAFCo Executive Director, Mona Palacios, is reviewing the application and following up with staff for clarification and additional information.  The next regular LAFCo meeting will be held on March 12that Dublin San Ramon Services District.  Staff continues to have conversation with WMAC regarding providing the service to Canyonlands customers.

4.       WMAC - CVSan Update

Monthly Coordination Meeting:  A meetingwas held on January 20th; please see attached meeting minutes. 

5.       Multi-Family Recycling

For the month of January, staff completed eight site visits.  Staff is also planning a Multi-Family focus group lunch for February, as a follow-up to the Zero Waste Stakeholder meetings last year.  There are a total of 75 food scrap recycling programs in the multi-family sector.  Staff continues to provide follow-up support to new and existing programs.       

6.       Commercial Recycling

Waste Management and StopWaste Technical Assistance staff from Cascadia Consulting continued their business visits in conjunction with the new countywide mandatory recycling law.  They have now completed 20 visits and audits this fiscal year.

7.       School Programs

Staff ordered indoor containers requested during the blue bin check-ins last month. 

4Rs Field Trips: Nine 4R’s field trips were conducted in the month of January.The 4R’s field trips are held in the Board Room on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, from January to April.

Waste Audits:February will be the last month waste audits are offered for the 2014/15 school year.  Four schools, including Castro Valley High School and Redwood Alternative High School, are signed up for waste audits during the month of February.

8.       Earth Day
Clean-Up: The Community Advisory Committee (CAC) selected three charities to participate in the clean-up event at the January CAC meeting: Lions Club, Operation Mom, and Eden Counseling Services.  Staff coordinated with potential sponsors in January and sent school and community site contacts Earth Day site registration forms.  The following community sites will be offered for Earth Day: Castro Valley Creek, Downtown Castro Valley, Palomares Hills, Lake Chabot, and Cull Canyon.

Recycle: The first event planning meeting between WMAC and staff will be February 5th.

9.       Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade
The theme for the 2015 Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade is “Reuse.”  Promotional items are being determined.

10.     Street Cans/Recycling Pyramids and Maintenance Partnership

The Solid Waste Specialist trained the Solid Waste Program Intern on Friday, January 16th.  Staff utilized the AIMS reporting mechanism to record the audit data and produce incident reports, which were sent to the Graffiti Team at A Shepherd’s Heart Christian School. 

11.     Used Motor Oil Recycling Grant

14 auto shops were contacted in January to conduct outreach in regards to becoming Used Oil Certified Collection Centers (CCCs). Staff targeted auto shop locations from Castro Valley to Ashland.  

12.     Castro Valley Forum Advertisements

Eight (8) CVSan ads ran in the Forum during January: (1) ad promoting Holiday Tree Collection; (2) ads promoting the swap events; (1) ad promoting CVSan’s Social Media channels; (1) ad providing cart set out reminders; (1) ad promoting multi-family recycling; (1) ad promoting Reuse – fixing/mending broken items at home; and (1) ad promoting Used Oil Certified Collection Centers.

13.     Pipeline Newsletter

The Winter 2015 Pipeline newsletter is now being printed and will reach the community in mid-February.  Work on the Spring 2015 Pipeline has begun as well.

14.     Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The CAC met on Thursday, January 8th, and elected a new Chair, Gabriella Sanchez, and welcomed new member, Andy Duncan.  The Committee also discussed the following items: CVSan acronyms, Earth Day charities, Green Hearts, Committee Guidelines, the 2015 Work Plan, and Zero Waste.

15.     Website/Social Media

During the month of January, there were 22 social media posts pertaining to the Department’s programs and 11 photos posted to Facebook and Twitter sites. Most of the posts continue to promote messages from the weekly Castro Valley Forum ads and various departmental programs. 

16.     Castro Valley TV
Staff has completed work with Castro Valley TV on the next six commercial advertisements that consist of two “bumper” segments of 10 seconds each.  The topics, to be placed on CVTV segments soon, are: Collection Events (Spring and Summer), Bulky Pick-up, Reuse (2 separate ads), and Reduce (food waste prevention).


Month 2015

Administrative Fees Received

New Res Pack Sent

Bag-Its Sold

Paper Garden Bags Sold



Used Oil Resi







































































17.     Reuse
Toy & Clothing Swaps - Staff recently updated the Reuse portion of the CVSan website as well as placed Castro Valley Forum ads relating to clothing and toy reuse swaps.  There will be a year-long rollout on reuse tips relating to swaps, with information and advertisements to coincide with materials in excess at certain times of the year.  For example, after the holidays, residents may have extra clothing and toys and before Halloween, residents may want to swap old costumes.

Reuse Workshops - Staff met with Peter Mui of FixIt Clinic and Danielle Wilson of the Castro Valley Library to discuss the upcoming June workshop.  The June event will be held in the Learning Center of the Castro Valley on June 20thfrom 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

18.     Event Greening
CVSan is processing requests for the donation of organics and recycling containers for events upcoming in February.

19.     Green Hearts
Staff is refining the plan and training guide, that’s in development, for volunteers in order to develop the Green Hearts program into a more engaging and impactful program.

20.     Pharmaceutical Drop-Box Collection

The collection box at Sutter/Eden Medical Center has been collected 77 times since it opened in September 2011. The average weight of collection is 57 pounds.

21.     Donation & Supply Requests

Staff processed 24 Donation & Supply Request Forms for the community totaling $1,078.95 during the month of January. 


2012 Legislative Update & Priority (from Californians Against Waste (CAW), California Resource Recovery Association (CRRA), Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA) and StopWaste.Org)


SB 1219 (Wolk) Plastic Bag Recycling
Summary. SB 1219 proposes to extend the sunset of AB 2449 (Levine) which mandates plastic bag recycling at supermarkets.

Position and Status. CAW is watching.


SB 1159 (Calderon) Plastic Bag Recycling

Summary. SB 1159 would create the Plastic Bag Reduction and Recycling Act.

Position and Status.


AB 1442 (Wieckowski) Pharmaceutical Waste Hauling

Summary.AB 1442 allows for medical waste generators to apply for waste hauling exemptions in transporting pharmaceutical waste.

Position and Status.CAW is watching.

AB 1442 is scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials committee on March 20.


AB 1834 (Brownley) - Reusable Bag Definition

Summary. AB 1834 would add a reusable bag definition to the Public Resources Code.

Position and Status.CAW Supports.

AB 1834 is currently in the Assembly Natural Resources Committee.


AB 1647 (Gordon) - Tires

Summary.Increases the enforcement of existing tire hauling and manifesting laws to prevent the illegal export of waste tires.

Position and Status.

Support. Scheduled to be heard in Assembly Natural Resources Committee on March 26.


AB 298 (Brownley) - Reusable Bag Bill

Summary. AB 298 prohibits manufacturers from selling or distributing reusable bags to customers unless they meet certain requirements.

Position and Status.CAW Supports.

AB 298 may be acted upon this year. It is currently in the Senate Environmental Quality Committee after passing the Assembly Floor on 4/28, 49-25.


AB 960 (Bonnie Lowenthal) - E-waste Export

Summary.AB 960 will help reduce the export of electronic waste overseas.

Position and Status.CAW Supports.

AB 960 was held in Senate Appropriations and is now a 2 year bill.


SB 568 (Lowenthal) - Polystyrene Food Containers

Summary.SB 568 prohibits food vendors from dispensing cooked food in polystyrene foam or styrofoam containers.

Position and Status. CAW Supports.

SB 568 is inactive on the Assembly floor but eligible to be voted on this year.


SB 589 (Lowenthal) - Fluorescent Light Recycling

Summary.SB 589 would establish a product stewardship program for mercury-containing lamps.

Position and Status. Watch. SB 589 is now a 2-year bill.


AB 1933 (Gordon) - Bottle Bill Enforcement

Summary.This bill is an enforcement bill to reduce fraud from recyclers attempting to import and redeem beverage containers in CA. This measure would lower the load limit a person can import beverage containers into the state before reporting to CalRecycle, and also requires documentation of the source and destination of the material.

Position and Status.

Support. AB 1933 is scheduled to be heard in Assembly Natural Resources Committee 3/26


AB 341 (Chesbro) - Jobs and Recycling

Summary.AB 341 would create green jobs by expanding recycling to every multi-family dwelling and business and would charge CalRecycle with the responsibility for ensuring that the state is recycling at least 75% of the garbage that it generates by 2020.

Position and Status.

CAW Supports.

UPDATE! Governor Brown Signed AB 341!


AB 1149 (Gordon and Wieckowski) - Recycled Plastic Market Development

Summary.AB 1149 would extend a January 1, 2012 sunset for the Plastic Market Development program to continue investment in California’s plastics recycling and manufacturing infrastructure. It would also authorize CalRecycle to ‘reinvest’ up to 50% of savings from an anticipated drop in PET processing fee offsets back into Plastic Market Development Payments.

Position and Status.CAW-sponsored.

UPDATE: Governor Brown Signed AB 1149!


AB 583 (Knight) - Consolidate E-waste Program

Summary. consolidate the E-waste program by transfering DTSC powers to CalRecycle.

Position and Status. Watch. This bill died in the Assembly Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials committee.


AB 1019 (Perez) - Carpet Stewardship

Summary. would reenact AB 2398, the Carpet Stewardship Bill passed last year.

Position and Status. CAW Supports. AB 1019 is still alive from last year.


AB 1178 (Ma) - Prohibition on Local Disposal Limits

Summary. AB 1178 prohibits local governments from limiting disposal of imported waste.

Position and Status. CAW Opposes.

AB 1178 is in Senate Environmental Quality Committee and will be eligible to be heard this year.


AB 812 (Ma) - Recycled Concrete and Asphalt

Summary. AB 812 would increase the allowable amount of recycled asphalt pavement used by CalTrans to 50%.

Position and Status. CAW Supports. AB 812 is currently in the Senate Transportation and Housing committee.


SB 833 (Vargas) - Gregory Canyon Landfill

Summary. SB 833 would have limited the building of landfills that are within a specific distance of a San Diego waterway or Native American sacred site. Specifically, this legislation would have applied to the proposed Gregory Canyon Landfill.

Position and Status. CAW Supports.

Governor Brown vetoed SB 833.  Read the veto message.


SB 489 (Wolk) - Net Energy Metering

Summary. SB 489 will foster the development of anaerobic digesters and other small renewable energy projects by allowing them to be included in the state's Net Energy Metering program.

Position and Status. CAW Supports.

SB 489 was signed by the Governor.


AB 408 (Wieckowski) - Paint and Used Oil Recycling

Summary.AB 408 provides regulatory reform to make paint and used oil recycling easier.

Position and Status.CAW Supports.

AB 408 was signed into law by the Governor.


AB 794 (Wieckowski) - Strengthening CA's Landmark E-waste Law

Summary.AB 794 would close a loophole in current e-waste law and protect the state against frivolous lawsuit.

Position and Status.CAW Supports.

AB 794 is heading to the Senate Floor.*update: AB 794 was gutted and amended and is now local facility bonds.


SB 419 (Simitian) - Home-Generated Medical Sharps

Summary. SB 419 requires medical sharps manufacturers to improve electronic access to their annual sharps disposal reports.

Position and Status. CAW Supports.

SB 419 is in the Assembly Appropriations committee and eligible to be heard this year.


SB 915 (Calderon) - Plastic Carryout Bags

Summary. SB 915 mandates reduced plastic bag use and establishes a schedule of required recycled content in plastic bags, including both post consumer content and post-industrial content.

Position and Status. CAW was watching this bill. It was pulled from Senate Environmental Quality Committee on 5/2 and is no longer active.


AB 921 (Allen) - Compost Study Bill

Summary. AB 921 directs the state to measure the significant agricultural water efficiency benefits of applying compost to croplands.

Position and Status. CAW Supports. AB 921 was held in the Assembly Appropriations Committee on 5/27 and is now a dead bill.


AB 525 (Gordon) - Tire Recycling

SummaryAB 525 (Gordon) extends CalRecycle's successful Rubberized Asphalt Concrete tire recycling program.

Position and StatusCAW Supports. AB 525 just passed both houses and was signed into law by Governor Brown on October 8, 2011.


AB 34 (Williams) Compost Infrastructure Development

Summary. AB 34 targets the most prevalent items in our waste stream by encouraging the development of compost facilities to recycle organic materials.

Position and Status. CAW Supports.

AB 34 was held in Assembly Appropriations Committee and is now dead.


SB 567 (DeSaulnier) - Truthful Environmental Advertising in Plastics

Summary.SB 567 expands the scope of current plastic end-of-life claim labeling requirements from bags and food packaging to all plastic products.

Position and Status.

CAW Supports.

UPDATE: Governor Brown signed SB 567!


AB 818 (Blumenfield) - Renter's Right to Recycle Act

Summary.AB 818, the Renter's Right to Recycle Act, provides a residential recycling opportunity for more than 7.1 million Californians residing in more than 2.4 million multifamily dwelling units.

Position and Status.  CAW Supports.

AB 818 passed the legislature and was signed in to law by Governor Jerry Brown.


SB 515 (Corbett) Household Battery Recycling Bill

Summary.Product stewardship for household batteries

Position and Status. CAW Supports.

SB 515 was held in the Senate Appropriations Committee and is now a dead bill. Previously, it passed out of Senate Environmental Quality Committee  4/4/2011 with a 5-2 vote.




Bill #


Subject Note: CRRA positions are subject to change based on changes to legislative text.

CRRA Position

AB 298


Would require reusable bags are made from materials that can be cleaned and disinfected; bags may not contain lead, cadmium, or any other heavy metal in toxic amounts.


AB 34


Spot bill potentially for compost use issue.


AB 341


Mandate local govs provide recycling program for businesses with >4 yards of weekly garbage/recycling services, and potentially all multi family residences;  Increase AB 939 waste diversion mandate from 50% to 75% by 2020; Ease review process for local nondisposal facility element (NDFE); Change submission deadline for local diversion mandate reports to May 1.


AB 525


Would extend for 5 years tire recycling grant program that would otherwise expire this year.


AB 818


Would enact the Renters’ Right to Recycle Act would require MFD owners to arrange for recycling services.


AB 900


Require schools to provide recycling and composting bins, but says nothing about provision of recycling collection services.


AB 921


Would enact the Agriculture Water Efficiency with Compost Use and Greenhouse Gas Reduction Act of 2011, requiring CalRecycle in consultation with UC to measure agricultural water efficiency resulting from the use of compost.


AB 960

Bonnie Lowenthal

Would require recyclers to conform their export practices as a condition of receiving existing payments under California’s Electronic Waste Recycling Act of 2003.


AB 1149

Gordon and Wieckowski

Would extend for 5 years the Plastic Market Development program that would otherwise expire 1/1/12.


SB 515


Establish a product stewardship program for household batteries including rechargeable and single-use alkaline batteries.


SB 567


Would prohibit misleading labeling of plastic products such as “biodegradable” on plastic products.


SB 568


Would prohibit use of polystyrene foam food takeout containers, including clamshells, cups and bowls.


SB 915


Would suspend local plastic bag ordinances and prohibit local governments from enacting plastic bag bans or fees on plastic bags. Would also establish a mandatory recycled content in plastic bags (Year 1 - 5% PC; Year 2 – 7% PC; Year 3 – 10% PC), increase funding for recycling education, and establish incentives for consumers to return or recycle plastic bags.



Watch List


AB 204


Sales and use taxes exemption for biomass energy production


AB 712


Convenience Zone recyclers


AB 768




AB 812


Use of recycled concrete and asphalt by CalTrans


AB 1019




AB 1178




SB 41




SB 419




SB 457


Curbside collection of HHW


SB 518


Bottle Bill


SB 589




SB 771


LFG to energy


SB 833




SB 932