1.         Zero Waste Department
The Department summarized accomplishments from 2019 in a District-wide document for the Board and brainstormed messaging for an upcoming 80th Anniversary display at the Castro Valley Library. The Department met for quarterly Sharing and Innovation and to review the ACI Franchise Agreement. Staff participated in the 80th Anniversary, Safety, and WOW Committees.

2.         Zero Waste Committee
The Committee met on January 29th and minutes will be included in the March Board agenda packet.

3.         Zero Waste

CVSan’s 5th Annual Zero Waste Week will be held during the first week in February, as follows: Wednesday, February 5th – Tree Fruit Gleaning; Thursday, February 6th – Zero Waste Cooking Workshop; Friday, February 7th – The True Cost Movie Night; and Saturday, February 8th - Fixit Clinic with Bike Repair and Clothing Swap. Staff continues to work on Zero Waste Strategic Plan and Zero Waste Communications Plan updates.


4.         Alameda County Industries (ACI)
Delinquent Accounts: The Special Assessment 2020/21 process for single family, multi-family, and commercial property owners was finalized. The first batch of letters from ACI were mailed at the end of January to customers with past due balances of 30 days.

Monthly Coordination Meeting: ACI and CVSan staff met on January 22nd and minutes will be included in the March Board packet.

Rate and Contract Amendment: Staff observed ACI’s subcontractor Sloan Vazquez McAfee perform a single-stream recycling residual composition study on January 15th. ACI, HF&H Consultants, and staff discussed ACI’s rate amendment application on January 22nd.  

5.         CalRecycle

Staff facilitated a phone meeting with Copia, Eden Medical Center, and CVSan in November. CalRecycle is offering 1 year of grant funded SB 1383 compliance assistance, provided by Copia. Copia is waiting for Eden Medical Center to sign the necessary paperwork to begin providing assistance.


Staff contacted CalRecycle about the Beverage Container Redemption Pilot Project Grant Program in December.  CalRecycle will award grant funding for innovative beverage container redemption projects.  Staff is discussing potential projects and assessing whether the district will apply for funds.


City/County Payment Program: Staff began planning to submit a Funding Request for City/County Payment Program for Fiscal Year 2019-20. Funding Requests are due by March 2, 2020.


6.         Legislative Updates

SB 1383: Staff submitted comments to CalRecycle on the 3rd draft of the proposed SB 1383 draft regulation text in October. Staff is awaiting a response from CalRecycle and the release of the final draft of SB 1383 regulations.


Staff presented an SB 1383 update at the January Zero Waste Committee meeting. Staff provided an overview of SB 1383 and presented a compliance status document which tracks CVSan’s level of compliance with the various requirements of SB 1383.

7.         Multi-Family Recycling

CVSan and ACI Staff continue to complete audit maintenance visits for letters sent out in December. Complexes with a significant amount of materials in the wrong place do receive Oops cards notifying each unit where things should be properly sorted. The next round of letters will be sent out in early February. Staff is now completing lid flip audits at approximately 40 complexes again in January and February. Staff has almost completed development of the Multi-Family Recognition Program and is working to roll this program out to the community soon.


8.         Commercial Recycling

Alameda County Green Business Program: Staff is working through the Green Business Program checklist requirements in order to recertify CVSan as an Alameda County Green Business.

4R Business, 4R Planet Award Program: No new applications were received in January.


Commercial Outreach: Staff conducted six site visits at businesses to provide on-site assistance. ACI staff conducted four site visits.


9.         School Programs
4Rs Field Trips: Staff completed six 4R’s field trips during January 2020, thus concluding the field trip season for the 2019-2020 school year. In total, 31 field trips were completed, including 3rd grade classes from all Green Ribbon Schools as well as a special education class from Canyon Middle School. Nine external feedback surveys were received from teachers and all supported the effectiveness of Field Trip content as well as positive staff representation of CVSan (survey responses shown on following page).



Green Ribbon Schools Program: With the early Green Ribbon application deadline date of late February, staff will be sending out reminders soon. Staff is also fulfilling donation requests for most schools for proper sorting signage and replacement organics, recycling, and garbage bins.


Waste Audits: Five audits were completed in January, with eight more scheduled for February. These audits will conclude at the end of February as one of the final steps in the process of Green Ribbon School certification.


10.       Street Cans/Recycling Pyramids and Maintenance

The January Street Can Audit was conducted on January 23rd and January 24th. Staff abated graffiti from one street can and observed litter next to two street cans, which was reported to the County. Additionally, staff observed one street can hanging slightly off the curb and submitted a work request to have the street can moved fully onto the sidewalk.


Staff began the street can replacement project. Staff presented this topic at the January CAC meeting and led a discussion to get the Committee’s initial thoughts, such as new street can aesthetics, material makeup of the street cans, shape, single- vs. multi-stream cans, and street can artwork. Staff will take this feedback to further research street can replacement options. An update on the project will be provided at the March CAC meeting.


11.      Used Motor Oil Recycling Grant

UOPP: CalRecycle notified staff in late November that CalRecycle had incorrectly calculated the OPP 10 awards previously reported due to a data collection error. CalRecycle informed staff that CVSan would receive $40,320 for OPP10 instead of $40,396. Staff is in the process of determining whether the district will need to refund a portion of the award to CalRecycle.


Filter Exchange Program: The Spring Filter Exchange Program will run from February 10, 2020 – March 20, 2020 with coupons expiring on March 28, 2020. Staff began preparations for the program by updating and distributing all publicity materials and briefing ACI on the upcoming cycle. 


Staff conducted the first day of Used Motor Oil Recycling outreach at O’Reilly Auto Parts. Staff provided residents with information about the Filter Exchange Program, oil funnels, oil spouts, oil rags, and filter pliers. Staff will conduct a second day of outreach in early February.


12.       Earth Day Clean-Up and Recycles Day


Clean-Up: Staff has started receiving community and school site forms for the sites that will be participating in Earth Day. Staff has finalized plans with ACI on the Wednesday and Thursday before Earth Day as the best days for compost and mulch donations and deliveries to Clean-Up sites.


Recycles Day: Staff began planning for the April 25, 2020 Recycles Day. Staff met with ACI to begin coordination for the event and discussed planning items such as vendors, acceptable items, signage and giveaways. Canyon Middle School was reserved using Castro Valley Unified School District’s new online system.


13.      Advertisements

Eight Zero Waste-focused ads ran in the Castro Valley Forum during January: Holiday Tree Collection, Community Fruit Gleaning Event, Repair Workshop, Zero Waste Cooking Workshop, Rainy Day Cart Placement, Multi-Family Recycling, Recycle Bulbs and Paint Cans, and Zero Waste Week Movie Night.


14.       Pipeline Newsletter

Staff has completed work on the Winter Pipeline Newsletter which went out to the community in January. Staff have completed their article assignments for the Spring Pipeline Newsletter and MdR Co. has copyedited. The Spring 2020 Pipeline layout has been reviewed by staff.


15.       Website/Social Media

In January, CVSan posted eight Zero Waste-focused ads on Facebook and Twitter about Holiday Tree Collection, Tree Fruit Gleaning, Zero Waste Week 2020, Fixit Clinic, and The Filter Exchange Program.


16.      E-Blasts
There were no E-Blasts during the month of January.




17.       Reduce
Staff worked on a food waste prevention social media campaign where, once a month, a fruit or vegetable will be highlighted in a social media post that’s visually stunning and contains tips to reduce food waste and links to more resources.


18.      Reuse
Staff continue to plan Zero Waste Week 2020. Staff is planning a Fixit Clinic with a focus on bike repair. Staff secured participation of Bad Business Model Bikes to support the bike repair effort with the already confirmed Bay Area Bike Mobile.


19.       Event Greening
Staff worked with the Every Little Life Matters Foundation for greening services and donation at a Crab Feed Fundraiser at Transfiguration Church in late January. Staff is also working with the Crossover Basketball Tournament on the annual greening of its event at Canyon Middle School in early February.


20.       Community Group Outreach (CGO)

No change since last month.


21.       Green Hearts Volunteers
Staff met with the Castro Valley High School Green Hearts Committee on Thursday, January 30th and discussed the following topics: the upcoming CVHS Waste Audit on February 1st, the new Green Ribbon 80% diversion requirement and what’s needed to meet it, the Green Ribbon Application process, and the effectiveness of the new grant-funded outdoor organics and garbage stations at CVHS.


Staff continues to sign up volunteers for the Zero Waste Week Tree Fruit Gleaning event taking place on Wednesday, February 5th. Over 50 volunteers are expected to participate across five staff-led teams, which is more than had participated last year and the year before for this event.


22.       Staff Training

No change since last month.


23.       Donation & Supply Requests

Staff processed 17 Donation & Supply Request Forms for the community totaling $424.00 during the month of January.





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