Solid Waste Department
(from the May 8, 2015 staff memo to the Board of Directors)

1. Solid Waste Department
On April 15th, staff received on behalf of CVSan three CAPIO 2015 Awards of Excellence for the Path to Zero Waste (1st Place Innovation and 2nd Place Community Engagement) and Web-Based Video Advertisements (2nd Place Dollar Stretcher).  Multiple project memos have been prepared for the incoming Public Outreach Specialist.  Staff participated in two exploratory meetings with the Wastewater Department regarding an information management tool, and continues to participate in the New Facilities Committee.  Staff participated in and attended an employee’s retirement event.

2. Solid Waste Committee
The Committee will meet on May 28th; minutes will be included in the June Board packet.

3. Canyonlands Solid Waste Services
Staff has been researching through volumes of past CVSan resolutions and documents, and is preparing a presentation on CVSan’s Reconsideration Request for the LAFCo Public Hearing scheduled for May 14th.  On March 31st, staff, along with the WMAC Route Manager and Public Affairs Manager, drove the entire Canyonlands route.  On April 24th, staff attended an Unincorporated TAC meeting at Supervisor Miley’s office to provide an update on the process.

4. Zero Waste Communications Plan
Staff continues to work with consultant Crocker & Crocker to draft the Zero Waste Communications Plan.  A draft will be presented to the Public Relations Committee in June, and the plan will be presented to the Board in July.

5. Every Other Week Garbage Collection Pilot
Estimates were solicited from potential consultants on April 24th.  By May 8th, seven estimates were received representing 14 consultants.  Staff plans to author a proposal to StopWaste to encumber $50,000 in 2014/15 funding, and up to $200,000 in 2015/16 funding towards an Every Other Week Garbage Collection Pilot.  Assuming an award of grant funding, staff will work with StopWaste to determine the scope, and then execute a Request for Proposals in Summer 2015, with the pilot potentially starting June 2016.

6. WMAC - CVSan Update
Monthly Coordination Meeting:  A meeting was held on April 9th; please see attached meeting minutes.  On April 1st, a WMAC vehicle rolled backwards down Carlton Avenue into a fence line and tree located at Stanton Elementary School.  A report was provided by Senior District Manager Tom Ridder at the April 5th Board meeting.

7. Multi-Family Recycling
Staff authored a letter to properties without a food scrap recycling program and mailed it on April 10, 2015, to 84 properties.  The letter encouraged property owners/managers to contact CVSan or WMAC staff to set up a program and services if needed.  CVSan staff performed four site visits in the month of April.

8. Commercial Recycling
CVSan and WMAC are now visiting the next group of businesses to target for organics startups and garbage reductions, where needed. 

Mandatory Commercial Recycling:StopWaste has completed the initial round of inspections for mandatory commercial recycling in CVSan.  A total of 17 businesses in CVSan received notice letters informing them that they are not compliant with the new law.  Cascadia Consulting (the contractor for the StopWaste Partnership) will now visit those 17 businesses and work with CVSan staff to make sure they become compliant.  Cascadia is now visiting those businesses and finding success at working with them to comply.

4R Business, 4R Planet Program: Eye Specialties Medical Group, Karin Johnson’s Specialty Cakes & Pastries, Redwood Chapel, and Succiko became new 4R Stars in April. 

9. School Programs
CVSan staff conducted remaining Green Ribbon site visits in April and compiled all site visit data and sent follow-up emails to Green Ribbon contacts.  CVSan received one application for the CVSan Environmental Leader in Waste Reduction Scholarship.  Staff who were not involved in processing the application served as judges.  A memo regarding the scholarship award will be presented for review at the May Solid Waste Committee meeting.

4Rs Field Trips: 4Rs Field Trips ended on Friday, April 3rd. CVSan had 30 3rd grade classes in Castro Valley attend the field trips.

10. Earth Day
A notable Certification of Recognition and Resolution were prepared by State Senator Bob Wieckowski and Assemblymember Bill Quirk for CVSan’s Earth Day efforts, and were included as Information in the May agenda packet.

Clean-Up:The Clean-Up event was successful on April 25th.  Over 600 volunteers helped clear 50 cubic yards of organics debris to be composted and abated 7 cubic yards of litter from Castro Valley streets, parks, schools, and creeks.  14 school sites participated and 5 community sites participated in the event.  The final tally on charity contributions by volunteers will be available in May.

Recycle: CVSan’s event was successfully held on April 25th at Canyon Middle School.  1,367 CVSan residents and business owners, the highest participation rate from any event held, recycled 912 boxes of sensitive documents, 0.29 tons of cardboard, 74 mattresses, 50 gallons of used cooking oil, 20,424 pounds of e-waste, and up to 1,200 cubic yards of C & D will be recycled from 600 vouchers distributed.  4,320 free 1-cubic foot bags of compost were distributed at three per household or business.  An event report will be presented at the June Solid Waste Committee meeting with trending information.

11. Rowell Ranch Rodeo Parade
Materials for the “Reuse” theme that Board and staff walkers will carry have been purchased and their usage is being determined.  The theme’s saying will be, “Bring Back the Broom, Bring Back the Mop, Reusing is Important, Think Before You Shop”, and banners will highlight the cost and waste of disposable single-use wipes compared with reusable brooms and mops.  Staffing is being finalized.

12. Street Cans/Recycling Pyramids and Maintenance Partnership
A field audit is scheduled for May 22nd.

13. Used Motor Oil Recycling Grant
The 2015 Spring Used Oil Filter Exchange Program will take place from May 4th – June 12th, with a coupon deadline of June 22nd.127 past program participants have been contacted via phone to be informed about the spring program.

14. Castro Valley Forum Advertisements
Ten (10) CVSan ads ran in the Forum during April: (3) ads promoting Earth Day Clean-Up and Recycles Day; (1) ads providing SFD & MFD recycling program reminders; (1) ad promoting construction and demolition disposal/recycling options; (1) ad promoting organics service at businesses; (1) ad promoting the Annual Contractor’s Meeting; (1) ad promoting multi-family food scrap recycling; (1) ad promoting the used oil filter exchange program; and (1) ad promoting reuse (sell, consign, or donate) options for household items.

15. Pipeline Newsletter
The Spring 2015 Pipeline was completed and sent to the printer for full printing and mailing.  The Spring Pipeline will reach the community in early to mid-May.  Staff has also started putting together writing assignments for the Summer Pipeline which will reach the community in August.

16. Community Advisory Committee (CAC)
The CAC did not meet in April.

17. Website/Social Media
During the month of April, there were 21 social media posts pertaining to the Department’s programs and 14 photos posted to Facebook and Twitter sites.  Most of the posts continue to promote messages from the weekly Castro Valley Forum ads and various departmental programs. 

18. Castro Valley TV
Castro Valley TV was notified of CVSan’s CAPIO award for Web-Based Video Advertisements, and staff thanked CVTV for their partnership with CVSan on producing and editing the video advertisements.

19. Reuse
Toy & Clothing Swaps: No updates since last month.

CVSan’s FixIt Clinic: An article in the Spring Pipeline Newsletter will promote the June 20h event to be held at Castro Valley Library. Staff is working on the publicity plan and insurance details.

20. Event Greening
Staff is working with H.A.R.D. to provide recycling and organics services and greening assistance for the Rowell Ranch Rodeo events out on Dublin Canyon Road in the middle of May. 

21. Community Group Outreach
Staff is planning a LeaRn workshop for Saturday, June 27th from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  The food waste documentary Just Eat It will be screened for free and followed by a discussion on preventing food waste, and saving money while doing so, at home.

22. Green Hearts Volunteers
The new draft Green Hearts plan and training guide has now been reviewed by the PR Committee and staff is now finalizing the document for publishing.  A Green Hearts workshop will be held on Wednesday, May 27th to recruit, educate, and motivate new potential Green Hearts volunteers.

23. Pharmaceutical Drop-Box Collection
The collection box at Sutter/Eden Medical Center has been collected 72 times since it opened in September 2011. The average weight of collection is 56 pounds.

24. Staff Training
Staff attended the California Association of Public Information Officials (CAPIO) Annual Conference from April 13-16 in Long Beach, CA and accepted three awards on behalf of CVSan.  Staff attended the BioCycle Conference from April 13-15.  A First Aid, CPR, and AED Safety Training refresher was conducted by Department staff on April 8th, and included a life-size mannequin, artificial blood, appendages, and utilization of the AED machine.

25. Donation & Supply Requests
Staff processed 36 Donation & Supply Request Forms for the community totaling $4,381.80 during the month of April.

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