Solid Waste Department
(from the January 10, 2016 staff memo to the Board of Directors)

1.         Solid Waste Department
The Department participated in the December Team Building and prepared the morning meal.  The Department continues to implement programs during the Solid Waste Specialist’s extended leave, and in the absence of a WMAC Public Sector Manager.  Staff participated in CVSan’s New Facilities Committee, and Quarterly IT Group Meeting.   


2.         Solid Waste Committee
The Solid Waste Committee will meet on January 26th.  Minutes will be included in the March Board packet.


3.         Canyonlands Solid Waste Services

Staff continues to coordinate with WMAC on exemption requests and audits of customers who have not started accounts.  Staff continues to meet with the County of Alameda to finalize a tax sharing agreement.

4.         Zero Waste

A focus group was conducted by EMC Research on December 9th at the Castro Valley Library with participating single and multi-family residents.  The purpose of the time was to learn about current behaviors (what people do now and how much is waste reduction a priority), understand their reaction to the Path to Zero Waste concept, to participatory programs and initiatives, and to messages laid out in the Zero Waste Communications Plan.  Staff is working with EMC to develop a phone survey to be conducted in mid-January.  In addition, staff spoke at Zero Waste USA’s Northern California workshop on December 8th on CVSan’s Path to Zero Waste and upcoming innovative efforts in 2016.

5.         Less Than Weekly Garbage Collection Pilot
An update will be presented to the Board at the January Board meeting by HF&H Consultants following the project kick-off workshop.  Staff has reviewed the Project Brief and Message Platform from Underground. 


6.         WMAC - CVSan Update

Monthly Coordination Meeting:  A meeting was held on December 9th following the Driver Appreciation Breakfast; please see attached meeting minutes.  Please see select pages from the 2015 services report as an attachment. 

Recruitment: WMAC is conducting a recruitment to fill the Public Sector Manager position, and staff and WMAC staff have been back-filling the work of the recycling coordinator and contract compliance representative. 

Reduce Your Waste Size: 109 residences participated in the Reduce Your Waste Size Program in 2015, for a program total of 1,185 residences ($59,250).  $4,750 remains from the original $64,000. 


Davis Street Transfer Station Tour:  Planning for the March 11th tour has begun. Publicity ads, website updates, invitations and administrative documents are being drafted and transportation options investigated.

7.         Multi-Family Recycling

Effective January 1, 2016, multi-family complexes will be required to sort organics from their garbage under Phase II of the Mandatory Commercial Recycling Ordinance.  Staff will then work with complexes and Waste Management to install food scrap recycling and organics programs for those complexes that do not have them but are interested in starting programs.  Currently, there will be a total of 48 complexes affected, two of whom have been assisted. 


8.         Commercial Recycling

Commercial Recycling: Cascadia Consulting (StopWaste contractor) continues to visit and work with Castro Valley businesses who have received non-compliance notice letters.  Cascadia is coordinating with CVSan and WMAC on all visits, recommendations, and improvements for those businesses.  Currently, there are a total of 57 businesses affected, 33 of whom have been assisted. 


Commercial Organics: Effective January 1, 2016, organics-generating businesses (such as restaurants and grocery stores) will be required to sort organics from their garbage under Phase II of the Mandatory Commercial Recycling Ordinance.


9.         School Programs
Waste Audits: Staff completed three of the 16 audits anticipated for 2015/2016.  Staff is following up on a weekly basis to get all participating schools scheduled.  Schools that have completed their audits have received their Waste Audit Reports.

4Rs Field Trips: All 3rd grade classes have been scheduled for their 4R’s Field Trip to CVSan. Staff has completed bus forms for teachers requiring transportation.  Teachers who have already signed up have received confirmation and the Board Room has been reserved for all field trips.


10.       Street Cans/Recycling Pyramids and Maintenance

Staff will complete the bi-monthly street can audit on January 12th.  All graffiti and stickers were removed by staff within one week following the audit.


11.       Used Motor Oil Recycling Grant

Replacement curbside used oil kits were received from Waste Management.


12.       Earth Day: Clean-Up & Recycle
Clean-Up: Staff is working on securing additional sponsors, and finalized the school newsletter flyer for school district approval.

Recycle:  Publicity ads and website updates are being drafted. CVSan Certificates of Insurance to the Castro Valley Unified School, WMAC, and vendors were issued on December 22nd. The Document Shredding vendor has been secured.


13.       Calendar/Annual Report
The 2016 Calendar and FY14/15 Annual Report was printed and mailed to the community. Additional copies were available for the community to pick up at CVSan.   


14.       Castro Valley Forum Advertisements

Nine (9) CVSan ads ran in the Forum during December: (1) ad promoted CVSan’s Commitment to Serve Week in January; (1) ad highlighted businesses recently starting recycling programs; (1) ad focused on multi-family food scrap recycling; (1) ad provided an update on the annual gravity sewer repair project; (1) ad announced the CVSan 2016 Calendar/ Annual Report theme and mailing; (1) ad provided a reminder about safe pharmaceutical disposal and the collection box at Eden Medical Center; (1) ad encouraged proper disposal of used cooking oil at April’s Recycles Day; (1) ad promoted tips for reducing waste with holiday shopping; and (1) ad promoted Holiday Tree Recycling.


15.       Pipeline Newsletter

Staff drafted articles and selected images for the winter issue, which will focus on wastewater and reach the community in late February.


16.       Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

The CAC did not meet during the month of December.  The Board of Directors appointed members for the 2016 Committee.


17.       Website/Social Media

During the month of December, seven social media posts were made which highlighted a variety of departmental programs and two photos were posted.


18.       Castro Valley TV
Two ads were placed during the month of December.  Staff completed two new bumper commercials, one about the 4R Stars Business Program and a second about food scrap recycling.  Staff continues work and planning for the production of new ads.


19.       Reduce
In addition to reduce activities during Commitment to Serve Week, staff is now working on educational “Reduce” Castro Valley Forum advertisements, which will run in the coming months.


20.       Reuse
No change since last month.   

21.       Event Greening
No change since last month.  


22.       Community Group Outreach

Staff continues to work on preparations for a CVSan Commitment to Serve Week, which will take place Tuesday, January 19th through Saturday, January 23rd.  Commitment to Serve Week intends to draw inspiration from Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday on January 18th and arrange a week of activities and education to engage and inspire the community to service.  The final schedule is:


  • Tuesday, January 19th - Reduce Day: Goodbye Foam and Hello Leftovers Education
  • Wednesday, January 20th - Fermentation Workshop; Recycled Papermaking & Book Reading Event
  • Thursday, January 21st - Composting at Home Workshop
  • Friday, January 22nd - Movie Screening of Just Eat It
  • Saturday, January 23rd - Bea Johnson, Author of Zero Waste Home


Staff spoke on December 2nd at the Castro Valley Parent Nursery School business meeting and presented on the 4Rs.


23.       Green Hearts Volunteers
Staff plans to briefly speak about the Green Hearts program at all Commitment to Serve Week Events.  Then, near the end of each event, staff will pass around a sign-up sheet for those that want to be on the Green Hearts email blast list for future opportunities.


24.       Pharmaceutical Drop-Box Collection

CVSan has received invoices for pick-ups of the collection box at Sutter/Eden Medical Center 87 times since it opened in September 2011. The average weight of collection is 65 pounds.

25.       Staff Training
The Department participated in the December Team Building with speaker Rita Giacalone on the DISC assessment.

26.       Donation & Supply Requests

Staff processed 40 Donation & Supply Request Forms for the community totaling $3,598.50 during the month of December. 

27.       IT Update

Staff met with the staff IT Group twice during December.  The Department offered use of tablets to be used by staff at Safety Committee Meetings to test going paperless during meetings.  Tablets during meetings will be used to view agenda and other documentation.  Staff met with a database consultant to review the possibility of an asset management software.


Annual Summary Data


Administrative Fees
New Res
Pack Sent


January $53,957.99 35 12 2 11 5
February $51,848.27 32 17 1 5 8
March $169,587.14 58 29 3 12 7
April $55533.16 43 9 7 7 5
May $53,599.85 65 23 15 16 8
June $167,956.78 61 21 10 12 3
July $54,572.62 63 10 5 3 7
August $48,773.23 82 9 15 10 7
September $162,261.06 49 14 4 4 4
October $56,013.45 58 40 0 27 17
November $44,571.54 74 28 1 8 3
December $163,103.03 48 19 0 18 7
2015 $1,081,778.12 668 231 63 133 81
2014 $1,038,681.55 682 214 72 102 89
2013 $1,032,944.80 569 237 106 98 92
2012 $1,018,905.30 799 198 110 92 78
2011 $980,417.43 579 195 135 150 83
2010 $920,986.76 671 205 96 187 100
2009 $777,740.14 544 277 159 743 215
2008 $608,998.07 446 374 149 136 137