Solid Waste Department
(from the September 9, 2016 staff memo to the Board of Directors)



1.         Solid Waste Department
The Department conducted a Sharing and Innovation meeting on August 1st, with a focus on the Zero Waste theme for 2016/17.  A kick-off meeting of the staff New Solid Waste Contract Committee was held.  An annual evaluation of the Solid Waste Specialist was completed.


2.         Solid Waste Committee
A Committee meeting has been scheduled for late September.

3.         Zero Waste

A revised homepage and draft secondary page were developed by Granicus’ website design team and will be presented to the Community Advisory Committee and Public Relations Committee.  Planning for Zero Waste Week (formerly Commitment to Serve Week) in January 2017 is underway. 

4.         CalRecycle
Electronic Annual Report: The CalRecycle Electronic Annual Report (EAR) was submitted by staff on August 1st on behalf of CVSan, Oro Loma Sanitary District (OLSD), and Unincorporated Alameda County (UAC).  CalRecycle mailed a letter of completion to CVSan stating the EAR was complete and no further information was needed.
City/County Payment Program: The resolution from Alameda County was passed on August 2nd that designates CVSan as the signature authority for all grant documents on behalf of UAC and OLSD.  


5.         Less Than Weekly Garbage Collection Pilot
On August 2nd and 4th, staff placed cart hangers on curbside solid waste carts in the study areas to promote the suggested on and off week set-out schedule,, and the Extra Service Tags for occasional garbage overages.  Email newsletters will be emailed to residents in the study areas for six weeks, and began on August 22nd.  The emails contain information about the study and tips for participating.   

6.         WMAC - CVSan Update

Monthly Coordination Meeting:  A meeting was held on August 17th; please see attached meeting minutes. 

Quality Control Audit: A residential route audit of Canyonlands (new area, rural) was conducted on August 18th.  Staff found the quality of service from WMAC to be excellent, with three recycling lids open, 0 incidents of carts down, carts blocking sidewalks, carts out further than a parked car, or incidents of litter.  Results will be presented to Solid Waste Committee.


7.         Multi-Family Recycling

Bi-annual site audits were performed by WMAC this month.  The Solid Waste Program Intern continued monthly site visits to check for food scrap participation and mailed 177 ‘Oops’ postcards to seven multi-family dwellings this month.  Two donation requests were fulfilled and delivered this month.


8.         Commercial Recycling

Commercial Recycling & Organics: Currently, there are 62 businesses affected by the Countywide Mandatory Recycling Ordinance, and most have been contacted and offered assistance multiple times by Cascadia.  Staff worked with 580 Marketplace to start new organics programs at Dickey’s BBQ and Panda Express.


4R Star Program: Greek Orthodox Church was recently certified as a new 4R Star business.  Staff also re-certified the following 4R Star Businesses: Castro Valley Library, Doug’s Place, and Health Unlimited.


9.         School Programs
The CVHS Green Hearts Committee met twice in August.  Agenda items included event monitoring feedback and how to improve the recycling and organics programs in the classrooms at CVHS.  Great ideas have been shared by the students on the Committee.  Materials and website updates were drafted this month for the 2016/17 School Programs.

Waste Audits: 2016-2017 Waste Audit programming has begun in earnest.  The program runs this fiscal year from October 2016 to February 2017.  Green Ribbon school contacts are being solicited to schedule their waste audits early.  Waste Audit supplies are being inventoried and replenishment of deficient supplies is underway.

4Rs Field Trips: 22 3rd grade classes have registered and been confirmed.  CVSan’s new online registration system/portal, developed through RegOnline, has proven to be an efficient and effective medium for teachers to submit required background information and register their class.  Field trip supplies will be inventoried and replenished over the next two months in preparation for the first field trips in January.  A mock run-through of the field trip will take place in November.   


10.       Street Cans/Recycling Pyramids and Maintenance

The next bi-monthly street can audit is scheduled for September 20th, and a safety observation will be completed.  New environmentally-preferable graffiti abatement products are being researched.  The audit report will be completed by September 26th.


11.       Used Motor Oil Recycling Grant

The fall Filter Exchange Program will begin on September 12th and will run through October 21st. Participants will have until November 7th to redeem their coupons before they expire.  Resident follow-ups are being conducted for those customers who did not receive replacement oil jugs and filter bags after collection by WMAC.


The Used Oil Payment Program 7 Application was submitted on behalf of CVSan, OLSD, and UAC.  Funds will be available to spend on Used Oil-related purchases from July 1, 2016 through June 30, 2018.


12.       CVSan Recycles Day

CVSan and WMAC presented a successful Alameda County-wide collection event in conjunction with the Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste Facility on Saturday, August 13th.  1,453 vehicles attended the event and 4,260 free 1-cu ft. bags of compost were distributed three per vehicle on a first-come, first-served basis to CVSan residents and businesses.  An event report will be presented to Solid Waste Committee. 


13.       Fall Festival
This year’s Fall Festival will take place on September 10th and 11th.  The theme will be Zero Waste, with a focus on alternatives to single-use disposable products.  The booth will feature a customized basketball game instead of a spin wheel.  During the month of July, staffing was finalized, a new informational poster was created, and the basketball game was designed.


14.       Castro Valley Forum Advertisements

Seven (7) solid waste-focused ads ran in the Forum during August: (1) ad promoting the August 13th Recycles Day event; (1) ad promoting the Green Hearts volunteer program; (1) ad promoting food scrap recycling tips; (1) ad promoting the 4R Business Employee Event; (1) ad promoting the new 4R character “Zero”; (1) ad promoting Back-to-School clothing swaps; and (1) ad promoting the Used Oil Filter Exchange Program.


15.       Pipeline Newsletter

The first draft of fall Pipeline articles were written and sent to Gigantic Idea for review.  Layout design for this edition will begin in early September.


16.       Community Advisory Committee (CAC)

There was no CAC meeting during the month of August.


17.       Website/Social Media

During the month of August, 18 social media posts were made which highlighted a variety of departmental programs and 17 photos were posted.  Website pages for Repair Workshops, HHW, 4R Businesses, Bay Friendly Landscaping, Used Oil Filter Exchange Program, and 4R Field Trips were updated.


18.       Castro Valley TV
0 ads were placed during the month of August.  


19.       Reduce
Staff is working on a new round of food waste prevention supermarket cart ads that will be placed on carts at the Safeway on Redwood Road in October or November for FY 2016/17.


20.       Reuse
A successful Fixit Clinic event was hosted on August 6th at the Castro Valley Library.  The clinic was held in the Chabot Room and 11 volunteer coaches (seven were Castro Valley locals) turned out for the event.  Over 74% of the items were repaired and 151 pounds of waste was diverted from the landfill!

21.       Event Greening
Solid Waste worked with the Greek Orthodox Church for the annual Greek Festival at their site on Center Street for collection and processing services at the three-day event in August. Collection services have been ordered and event greening planning is in progress for the Fall Festival in September.


22.       Community Group Outreach

Staff began presenting September Refreshers presentations and assemblies to schools on August 26th.  With a focus on the new Zero Waste character, Zero, and her attributes, staff will present to at least 12 schools through the end of September.


23.       Green Hearts Volunteers
The CVHS Green Hearts Committee met with CVSan twice in August to strategize and plan for improvements to recycling and composting at CVHS.  One of the meetings included a meeting with CVHS Custodial Services, Administration, and CVSan.  The Committee also plans to send volunteers to help monitor recycling and composting stations at the Fall Festival.  90 hours of service was completed by the Volunteer Student Intern from California State University East Bay.


24.       Pharmaceutical Drop-Box Collection

CVSan has received invoices for pick-ups of the collection box at Sutter/Eden Medical Center 109 times since it opened in September 2011.  The average weight of collection is 65 pounds. CVSan also extended the current agreement with the Center, for payment of collection services, through December 31, 2016.  It is expected that, by December 31st, Eden will have started to have collection services paid for by the Alameda County pharmaceutical take-back ordinance and program. At that time, it is also expected that CVSan will not need to pay for this program any longer (the program started in Fall of 2011).

25.       Staff Training
The General Manager, Solid Waste Supervisor, and Solid Waste Specialists attended the California Resource Recovery Association’s Conference on August 8th and 9th.


26.       Donation & Supply Requests

Staff processed 32 Donation & Supply Request Forms for the community totaling $2,618.02 during the month of August.

27.       IT Update

Staff met with the IT Group once during August to discuss various topics relating to CVSan’s IT Strategic Plan, server upgrades, and database updates.  SW staff completed an IT Needs Assessment questionnaire as part of the IT Strategic Plan project. 

Annual Summary Data


Administrative Fees
New Res
Pack Sent


January $48,297.98 61 17 0 13 9
February $62,429.46 *181 9 2 25 21
March $172,532.09 42 27 0 21 7
April $58,011.71 28 3 2 9 7
May $60,813.75 49 3 10 7 4
June $169,238.25 52 6 10 16 6
July $56,238.55 47 9 10 10 15
August $57,220.07 44 9 0 6 14
2016 $684,781.86 504 83 34 16 83
2015 $1,081,778.12 668 231 63 133 81
2014 $1,038,681.55 682 214 72 102 89
2013 $1,032,944.80 569 237 106 98 92
2012 $1,018,905.30 799 198 110 92 78
2011 $980,417.43 579 195 135 150 83
2010 $920,986.76 671 205 96 187 100
2009 $777,740.14 544 277 159 743 215
2008 $608,998.07 446 374 149 136 137

*46 of 181 were new Canyonlands customers.