Solid Waste Department
(from the August 10, 2015 staff memo to the Board of Directors)

1.         Solid Waste Department
The Department conducted a Sharing & Innovation Meeting to detail plans for 2015/16 on how the theme of “Reduce” will be integrated this year, and participated in CVSan’s Spirit Week to celebrate CVSan’s 76-year history.  Planning continues for the Solid Waste Specialist’s extended leave and interviews were conducted for the Solid Waste Program Intern position.  Staff attended a tour of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission with the New Facilities Committee and coordinated a Cooking Demo on superfoods for staff under the Health & Wellness Reimbursement grant program.  

2.         Solid Waste Committee
The Committee met on July 23rd; minutes are included in the September Board packet.


3.         Canyonlands Solid Waste Services
Staff continues communication with the County of Alameda to negotiate a tax sharing agreement, and continues to meet with WMAC in preparation for the provision of services.  A postcard will be mailed to all property owners by the end of August notifying them of an upcoming welcome packet in October 2015, a Town Hall scheduled for October 29th at 6:00 p.m. at the Castro Valley Library, and that services begin December 1, 2015.  Customers may sign up for an email list via CVSan’s website to receive emailed information.

4.         Zero Waste Communications Plan
Following the Board’s unanimous approval of CVSan’s Zero Waste Communications Plan on August 4th, staff began looking into benchmark research of a phone survey and focus groups.

5.         Less Than Weekly Garbage Collection Pilot
On August 1st, staff began conducting intercept surveys to determine single-family residential interest and concern about a Less Than Weekly Garbage Collection Pilot.  The 14-question survey is available online at  Staff has been diligently working on a Request for Proposal for a pilot consultant and intends to issue it by August 19th with proposals due September 14th.  A communications and marketing consultant is being considered. 

6.         WMAC - CVSan Update
Monthly Coordination Meeting:  A meeting was held on July 15th; please see attached meeting minutes.  

7.         CalRecycle EAR
Staff completed the 2014 CalRecycle Electronic Annual Report on August 3rd on behalf of CVSan, Oro Loma Sanitary District (OLSD), and Unincorporated Alameda County (UAC).  The targeted disposal rate for all three areas is 4.9 lbs per person per day, and in 2014, the actual disposal rate was 2.9 lbs per person per day.

8.         Multi-Family Recycling
CVSan staff performed six site visits in the month of July, one to deliver donation request supplies and the rest to perform follow-ups.  Staff also completed a FY 2014/15 report for the program and updated the Multi-Family Program Vision document for FY 2015/16 through FY 2017/18.  A revised multi-family bulky pick-up postcard was ordered.  WMAC mails these postcards to multi-family tenants when a bulky pick-up is scheduled.  Staff is researching multi-family recycling tote bags and multi-family recycling pails to order.


9.         Commercial Recycling
Mandatory Commercial Recycling: Cascadia Consulting (StopWaste contractor) continues to visit and work with CV businesses who have received non-compliance letters.  Cascadia is coordinating with CVSan on all recommendations and improvements for those businesses.  Currently, there are a total of 23 businesses affected, most of which have been audited and are working to become compliant.  


10.       School Programs
Staff is preparing for the 2015/16 school year programs and drafting a task list for all Solid Waste staff involved in various school programs.  Next month, staff will begin to research and design a CVSan customized 4Rs Field Trip activity book.  Characters embodying the 4Rs are being updated by a graphic designer for usage throughout school programs and CVSan outreach as appropriate.  Staff was informed that A Shepherd’s Heart Christian School is no longer operating.


11.       CVSan Recycles Day
CVSan and WMAC sponsored a successful Alameda County-wide collection event in conjunction with the Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste Facility on Saturday, August 8th.  1,387 vehicles attended the event, which was one of the largest events in CVSan history.  An event report will be presented to Solid Waste Committee.  4,320 free 1-cu ft. bags of compost were distributed three per vehicle on a first-come, first-served basis to CVSan residents and businesses.


12.       Fall Festival
Planning for the September 11th -12th event is underway.  The CVSan theme will be Wastewater, with a focus on Engineering Projects that “improve the community,” and “non-dispersibles,” i.e. items that don’t break down when flushed and cause harm to sewer pipes and pumps.  Signage and staffing positions are being determined.  A limited number of food scrap recycling pails will be available for immediate donation at the booth.


13.       Street Cans/Recycling Pyramids and Maintenance Partnership
Staff performed a driving audit on July 27th.  Four cans had graffiti or stickers.  With the closure of A Shepherd’s Heart Christian School, there is no longer a volunteer Graffiti Team.  Staff will need to explore options for graffiti maintenance.

14.       Used Motor Oil Recycling Grant
Staff is preparing the Used Oil Annual Report, due to CalRecycle in mid-August, and the FY 2015/16 spending plan for CVSan, OLSD, and UAC.  Staff will begin preparations for the fall Filter Exchange program in mid-August.

15.       Castro Valley Forum Advertisements
Ten (10) CVSan ads ran in the Forum during July: (2) ads promoting the CVSan Recycles Day on 8/8; (1) ad promoting the Lateral Replacement Grant Program for FY2015/16; (2) ads detailing cart set-out rules; (1) ad highlighting the pharmaceuticals drop-off box at Eden Medical Center; (1) ad promoting the Used Oil Collection program; (1) ad promoting reuse and the BYOB give away at the 7/18 CV Farmer’s Market; (1) ad defining “reduce” practices; and (1) ad promoting the multi-family food scrap recycling program.


16.       Pipeline Newsletter
The summer issue of the Pipeline is complete and will reach customers with the bills they receive in August.  You can view the issue online:  Planning has started for the Fall issue.


17.       Community Advisory Committee (CAC)
The CAC met on July 9th with a Wastewater focus.  The Committee received reports on field exercises for the maintenance crew, the Lateral Replacement Grant Program, The Canyonlands annexation for recycling services and the Green Ribbon education program.


18.       Website/Social Media
During the month of July, there were 7 social media posts pertaining to the Department’s programs and 4 photos posted to Facebook and Twitter sites.  CVSan posts received interaction from followers with likes, shares, and re-tweets, and saw increases from previous months.


19.       Castro Valley TV
One ad was placed during the month of July.  Staff has been working on an agreement for the 2015/16 year and began planning for producing six new ads this fiscal year.


20.       Reduce
CVSan’s donation of “Zero Waste Education” is available at the Castro Valley Library.  The library has set up a special display highlighting the materials and almost two-thirds of the materials were checked out within the first week!  A brief photo session was scheduled with Board President Sadoff and Branch Manager Carolyn Moskowitz.  The books and DVDs were funded by a grant from the Altamont Education Advisory Board.  

21.       Reuse
CVSan’s FixIt Clinic: Staff prepared an event report and memo for Solid Waste Committee on July 23, 2015, to consider hosting additional Fixit Clinic events in 2016. 

22.       Event Greening
Staff worked with Sutter/Eden Medical Center on greening services and Green Hearts volunteers for the Eden Health Expo on Sunday, July 12th.  Staff also worked with Castro Valley Relay for Life for event greening services and donations for their event on Saturday, July 18th and Sunday, July 19th. 

23.       Community Group Outreach
A reusable bag give-away was hosted at the Castro Valley Farmer’s Market on July 18th to distribute 300 durable cloth bags and promote reuse.


24.       Green Hearts Volunteers
Green Hearts volunteers were present at the Sutter/Eden Medical Center Health Expo on Sunday, August 12th to monitor recycling and organics stations.  During the week of July 20th – 24th Green Hearts also assisted CVSan in spreading mulch at our new Center Street property.  


25.       Pharmaceutical Drop-Box Collection
The collection box at Sutter/Eden Medical Center has been collected 76 times since it opened in September 2011. The average weight of collection is 56 pounds.


26.       Staff Training
A five-part Soft Skills & Leadership workshop series has been prepared and presented to enhance staff’s soft skills.  Themes of the training thus far have included Integrity, Intent, and Capabilities.  Staff attended the California Resource Recovery Association’s annual conference on August 5th – 7th in Los Angeles. 

27.       Donation & Supply Requests
Staff processed 27 Donation & Supply Request Forms for the community totaling $2,216.16 during the month of July.   

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28.       IT Update
Five tablets were purchased in the month of June for staff to use during site audits and field survey work. Two of the five tablets are accessible through CVSan’s Verizon Wireless account; the other three tablets are WI-FI only and will be used by staff and WMAC Recycling Representative. Tablets will have limited access to websites and other pre-installed programs. Tablets will be fully functional and ready to use by August 31st. Cases and hand straps were purchased to protect against accidental damage or normal wear and tear.