Sewer Service Fees (excerpts from the CVSan code)

Effective July 1, 2017

User Classification Annual Charge
Residential Dwelling Unit $399
Including condominiums, townhouses, apartments, mobile homes, secondary units.
Partial Dwelling Units $399
Private, non-commercial units including garages, workshops, pool fixture unit houses and other non-habitable structures connected to the sanitary sewer not located as part of a residential complex.
Auto Repair Services $1,407
Bakeries $1,577
Barbers $735
Bars/Drinking Places $1,176
Beauty Services $1,398
Car Washes $3,423
Coin Operated Laundromats $2,603
Dentists $1,365
Eating Places - Fast Food $4,619
Eating Places - Other $2,098
Eating Places - Restaurant 0-50 Seats $2,940
Eating Places - Restaurant over 50 Seats $5,880
Eating Places - Take Out $2,310
Fitness Centers/Health Clubs $1,720
Gas Stations $2,059
Grocery Markets $3,151
Hairdressers $1,448
Health Services $1,155
Laundering Services $2,205
Limited Food Markets $1,577
Miscellaneous Commercial $735
Mortuaries/Funeral Homes $1,019
Motels/Hotels (Per Bed) $399
Pre-Schools/Daycare Facilities $1,008
Professional Offices $735
Retail $735
Veterinarian Services $1,051
Warehousing $786



Community Services/Organizations


Eden Hospital


Miscellaneous Institutional


Nursing/Care Homes (Per Bed)





*New Connection (does not include inspection fee, valid for 1 year) -
Single Family Dwelling equivalent
Inspection $265
Repair Permit (valid 90 days) - includes 2 site visits only. Additional visits will require new permit. $160
Abandon Permit - no charge -
Addition/Relocation Permit (valid 1 year) $265
**Special Discharge Permits Annual Fees
Industrial & Intermediate Users $420.00 + additional monitoring fees
Minor Users $210.00 + additional monitoring fees
Groundwater Discharge $420.00 + $6.25/1,000 gallons
Truck-hauled Sewage Water Discharge (only domestic type sewage) $1,000.00 + $0.05/gallon
Swimming Pools $50.00 (minimum)

*Plus any annexation fees.
**Special Permit Application to be submitted to the District Prior to discharge. 

Permits can be pulled at the following CVSan Offices:

Repair Permits:
CVSan’s Main Office
21040 Marshall St
Castro Valley, CA 94546

All Other Permits:
Capital Improvement Projects Office
20211 Patio Drive, Suite 200
Castro Valley, CA 94546
Please note this office is closed Monday-Friday from 12:00-1:00 p.m.

Note 1: Domestic strength wastewater = BOD not greater than 200 mg/l and SS not greater than 200 mg/l.

Other commercial customers with wastewater strengths greater than domestic strength will have rates determined by the following:

Rate = Cost based on flow per Ccf + cost per pound of BOD + Cost per pound of SS


Sewer Service Charge Fact Sheet

Sewer Service Rate adjustment major factors:

1. Anticipate capital improvement projects for long-term reliability of the sanitary wastewater system
The District recently completed a Wastewater Collection System Master Plan. The Plan, which is more than 300 pages of information of the hydraulic, condition, operation and maintenance assessments of the sanitary wastewater system. The Plan also includes a capital improvement program which recommends expenditures of approximately $20 million over the next 10-20 years, depending on growth within the District. The District has prioritized the projects to rehabilitate the most critical segments of the system first. The District anticipates spending $14 million in the next three (3) years.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Sewer Service Charge?
The purpose of the sewer service charge is to raise revenue to fund the costs for maintenance and operation and for renewal and replacement of the facilities necessary to collect, treat and dispose of wastewater generated from your home or business to ultimate deep-water discharge into San Francisco Bay.

How do I pay my Sewer Service Charge?
The District uses the Alameda County Tax Rolls as the primary method of collection of the Sanitary Sewer Service Charge on an annual basis. This line item shows up on the property owner’s property tax bill under the Special Assessments section.

How does my rate compare to other sewer service charge rates in the area?
The District has one of the lowest rates in Alameda County and lower than the average annual charge in the State of California.