As part of the Wastewater Department, Engineering shares the mission of providing conveyance of all wastewater produced within the Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) to the Oro Loma/Castro Valley Wastewater Treatment Plant in San Lorenzo. The primary means for the Engineering Department to accomplish this mission is by providing technical support to the Collection System Maintenance Department. Additionally, Engineering administers CVSan capital improvement projects and programs, such as asset inspections, permitting, and pretreatment mitigations. The Engineering Department comprises of an Associate Engineer and three Engineering Technicians.


                         Figure 1                                              Figure 2                                                 Figure 3

Figure 1: Pipeline profiles of new sewers developed during design stage.

Figure 2: Survey marks call out accurate locations of proposed sewer facilities during construction.

Figure 3: Field investigations during project design confirm attributes of existing sewer facilities.


Sewer Construction Update:

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CVSan continues to implement sewer replacements and upgrades identified in the Wastewater Collection System Master Plan to reduce the risk of sewer overflows.

For project information, please contact CVSan at (510) 537-0757.



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