CVSan Recycles Day Collection Events

Mattresses are accepted at CVSan’s April Recycles Day events. The next Recycles Day will be on April 13, 2019.

CVSan residents recycled one hundred eight (108) mattress and box spring sets at the April 29, 2017 Recycles Day event and seventy-four (74) mattress and box spring sets were collected at the April 25, 2015 Recycles Day event.

Thank you to the CVSan residents, volunteers, and partners who make these events possible.

Where Else Can I Take that Old Mattress?

According to leading advocacy group Californians Against Waste (CAW), only a small percentage of mattresses are recycled each year, despite the fact that 80-90% of all mattress parts can be recycled.  Mattresses do not compact well and take up space in landfills, but do have value from components such as the steel springs and polyurethane foam.

Thanks to CAW and their sponsored bill SB 254, consumers can now drop-off their used mattresses at no cost at participating collection sites and recycling facilities.  Retailers are also now required to offer customers the option of having their used mattress picked up when delivering a new mattress at no additional cost to the customer.  The Mattress Recycling Council was formed by the industry to operate these recycling programs in states that have enacted mattress recycling laws. 

“Bye Bye Mattress” is the mattress recycling program operating in California, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.  Established by law and operated by the nonprofit Mattress Recycling Council, the program uses a recycling fee collected through each mattress and box spring sold to make recycling easier for you.

Visit to search for recycling facilities and collection sites for your old mattresses.  For more information on the California program, please visit

If you cannot take advantage of the Bye Bye Mattress program, CVSan offers an annual on-call Bulky Goods Pick-Up. Mattresses are accepted within the 7 cu yd limit.  For more information on this program, please click here.