Pump Station 4 Forcemain Replacement and Flume Rehabilitation (2016-03)

Project Description:
The primary goals of this project are to replace aging infrastructure that has been identified as at-risk and to install new infrastructure at the flume to mitigate odors. The affected area for the Pump Station 4 portion of this project will be a segment of Redwood Road north of Proctor Road and sections of Camino Alta Mira, Blackberry Lane, and Foxboro Drive. The affected area for the flume rehabilitation portion of this project will be on North 3rd Street near the Hayward Senior Center.

This project consists of:

1. The relocation of Sewer Forcemain No. 4 from private property to the streets of Camino Alta Mira, Redwood Road, and Foxboro Drive. This portion of the project will include:

  • Installing 755 linear feet of 8” ductile iron sewer forcemain by open-cut excavation.
  • Installing two inspection ports and manholes along the new 8” ductile iron forcemain.
  • Abandoning 460 linear feet of 6” ductile iron sewer forcemain and one manhole located on private property.
  • Modifying an existing manhole at the current sewer forcemain discharge location.
  • Connecting the new sewer forcemain to Pump Station No. 4 at the upstream end and the existing 8” VCP (Vitrified Clay Pipe) sewer line on Foxboro Drive at the downstream end.
  • Pavement and striping restoration.

2. Improvements to the existing flume structure located at the end of N. 3rd Street will consist of:

  • Removing and replacing the existing aluminum access hatch with a gasketed hatch.
  • Removing and replacing the concrete slab surrounding the existing hatch.
  • Removing and replacing the flume’s existing manhole frame and cover which is located upstream of the dispersion wall.
  • Installing two Manhole Odor Eliminators (MOEs).
  • Repairing the epoxy lining in two locations within the flume structure.
  • Removing the ladder rungs in the existing manhole located over the 24” pipe upstream of the flume.

Important Dates: 

April 10, 2017 – Construction begins

June 2017 – Substantial completion for project work

Repairs Project 2016/17 (2016-04)

Project Description:
The 2017 Annual Repairs Project will consist of spot repairs and line replacements throughout the district and upsizing the trunk sewer located on Sandy Road.

The Sandy Road portion of the project consists of upsizing approximately 850 linear feet of existing 8” VCP (Vitrified Clay Pipe) to 10” HDPE (High-density Polyethylene), which will allow the trunk sewer to accommodate peak wet weather flows. This section of the project will be located on Sandy Road between the Seven Hills Road and James Avenue intersections.

Other project areas located on public right of way include:

  • Santa Maria Avenue between the Jamison Way and Lux Avenue intersections
  • Lux Avenue between the Vaughn Avenue and San Miguel Avenue intersections
  • San Miguel Avenue between the Lux Avenue and Wilson Avenue intersections
  • San Miguel Avenue between the Jeanine Way and Somerset Avenue intersections
  • Somerset Avenue between the Santa Maria and Conrad Court intersections
  • Somerset Avenue and Redwood Road intersection
  • Kahlert Avenue between the Outlook Court and Strobridge Avenue intersections
  • Orange Avenue between the Rizzo Avenue and Vegas Avenue intersections
  • Orange Avenue and Lake Chabot/Lessley Avenue intersection
  • Redwood Road between the Proctor Road and Buti Park Drive intersections
  • Seaview Avenue between the Redwood Road and Judy Street intersections
  • Paradise Knolls and Center Street intersection
  • Center Street between the Omega Avenue and Circle Avenue intersections

The project areas that are located within easements include:

  • Belle Street
  • Mt. Olympus Drive

Construction on these streets will include spot repairs and full line segment replacements using open trench and pipe bursting methods.

Important Dates:

June 19, 2017 – Construction begins

September 2017– Substantial completion for project work

CVSan continues to implement sewer replacements and upgrades identified in the Wastewater Collection System Master Plan to reduce the risk of sewer overflows.

Wastewater Master Plan Environmental Documents

Master Plan (37Mb)                    

Castro Valley Blvd Streetscape Sewer Project Initial Study

Castro Valley Blvd Streetscape Sewer Project Mitigated Negative Declaration

For project information, please contact the District at (510) 537-0757.