What should be done with old electronic products? Computer monitors, televisions, and other electronic equipment should NOT be disposed of with your garbage, recycling, or organics.  Working TVs, monitors, computers, and other consumer electronics can be sold or donated thereby prolonging their useful life.  Nonfunctioning TVs and computer monitors should be recycled by an organization equipped to handle them.

Note: To ensure the health of our environment, please do some research before having E-Waste picked up from your residence or business and before dropping it off at a non-CVSan sponsored collection event.  Most E-Waste materials have special collection, handling, and recycling procedures and, by law, are banned from garbage and the landfill.  Please visit www.e-stewards.org to confirm that the organization taking your E-Waste is environmentally responsible.

E-Waste options for Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) residents include:

  • The next CVSan Recycles Day, which is Saturday, August 4, 2018 at Canyon Middle School from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Click on the image below to enlarge.

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CVSan Recycles Day Flyer CROPPED_2018-06-06.jpg

Acceptable items for CVSan’s August 4, 2018 Recycles Day drop-off are:

YES: BBQ grills, blenders, calculators, cameras (manual/digital), can openers, CDs, clock radios, coffee grinders, coffee pots, computer battery packs (8” encased), computer towers/CPUs, copy machines (max size 40”x48”), cooking oil, disk drives (hard/floppy), DVDs, DVD players, ethernet cables, fax machines, keyboards, knife sharpeners, irons, laptops, LCD projectors, microwave ovens (regular & convection), mixers, motherboards, mouse (mice), network routers/switches, oscilloscopes, overhead projectors, PDAs, power tools (drills, power saws, sanders), printers, record players, remote controls (batteries removed), scanners, servers, shredders, shredding, speakers, stereo systems, tape recorders, telephones/cell phones (including batteries and accessories), televisions (no size limit) & monitors (including LCD & plasma), tires (limit 4 per passenger – car and light truck tires only), typewriters, vacuums, VCRs, and wire, cords, and cables/power supplies

NO: Ammunition, asbestos, books, manuals and packaging, compressed gases, explosives, fire extinguishers, flares, large appliances (refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, stoves, air conditioners, etc.), PCB light ballasts, propane, radioactive materials, smoke detectors, and thermostats. No mattresses, tires, or shredding will be collected at this event.

Note: Some items may be sorted for reuse.  Please factory reset any phones, routers, streaming TV boxes, and other devices that have personal account information.  Follow best practices for erasing and wiping hard drives on computers or physically destroying them.  Remove and erase any memory cards or sim cards in cameras, phones, and other devices.  For more information, please refer to the links below, or contact the product's manufacturer.



  • Goodwill – store locator.
  •  Alameda County organizations that recycle E-waste

Past CVSan Recycles Day Collection Events

Twenty-eight thousand four hundred and forty-eight (28,448) pounds of Electronic Waste were collected on April 28, 2018.

Twenty-two thousand three hundred and seventy-­two (22,372) pounds of Electronic Waste were collected on August 5, 2017, which included residents from Alameda County.

Twenty-six thousand nine hundred one (26,901) pounds of Electronic Waste were collected on April 29, 2017.

Thank you to the Castro Valley residents, volunteers, and sponsors who made and continue to make these events possible.