CVSan provides technical and financial assistance in designing and enhancing waste reduction and recycling programs for Castro Valley schools.  If you are ready to reduce the amount of waste your school generates, we are ready to help you!  Read below to learn more about our school programs and resources to help your school send less to the landfill.

"Reduce -- Little Miss Reduce,” the CVSan Schools Program Theme for 2015/16

We are moving up the 4Rs hierarchy and “Reduce” is the theme for the 2015/16 school year.  Our “Little Miss Reduce” character encourages us to think about Reduce strategies wherever possible on campus, and to prevent waste before it happens. Reduce practices include reducing food waste in schools, hosting waste-free parties, and reducing packaging waste whenever possible.  For the Green Ribbon application, Little Miss Reduce means you will be rewarded for putting in the extra effort in the Reduce section.  Visit our Reduce page for more resources.

Main CVSan School Programs:

CVSan Student Scholarship

3rd Grade 4Rs Field Trip

Green Ribbon Schools Program

Schools Food Scrap Recycling Program

School Waste Audit Program


  • Green Ribbon Schools Program – This program rewards schools for implementing sustainable waste reduction and recycling programs.  Schools are eligible for awards of $1,600 to $2,650.  Visit our Green Ribbon Schools page to see which schools are certified and to download the application.
  • Environmental Education – After more than a decade, CVSan proudly continues to offer its 4Rs Field Trip for 3rd graders.  Register your 3rd grade class online.  Speakers are also available to present to teachers and staff, after school programs, and other school groups.  Click here to complete a Community Group Outreach request form to request a speaker.
  • Free Recycling & Organics Services – CVSan offers free recycling and organics collection services to schools through its contract with Waste Management.  Contact Waste Management at 510-613-8751 to sign up for service or to make service changes.
  • Technical Assistance – CVSan and Waste Management staff are available to perform a free site assessment at your school.  A recycling coordinator will evaluate your school’s potential to prevent waste, as well as recycle or compost materials that currently go in the garbage.  Contact CVSan at 510-537-0757 for more information.
  • Financial Assistance – CVSan provides blue and green indoor/outdoor recycling and food scrap recycling containers and signs to Castro Valley schools.  In fact, nearly $10,000 worth of supplies were donated to schools last school year.  Click here to complete a Donation & Supply Request Form or to learn more about donations available.
  • Food Scrap Recycling – Recycling food scraps at school can be challenging, but it is often the single most effective waste reduction action a school can take.  Castro Valley schools that compost food scraps divert an average of 73% of their waste away from landfill!  Click here for a step-by-step guide to starting a food scrap recycling program at your school.  Click here to learn more about the history of our Food Scrap Recycling program and what schools are doing now.
  • Waste Audits– A waste audit identifies the type of material going into the garbage that could have been recycled or composted.  Students, teachers, and parent volunteers sort through one day’s worth of garbage.  Visit our Waste Audit page to sign-up; waste audits are offered for a limited time (October through February) and are a Green Ribbon requirement.  
  • Earth Day Clean-Up with Free Compost & Mulch – Sign up to participate in CVSan’s Earth Day Clean-Up event held in April each year to clean up and beautify your campus.  Registration is available in February and participating schools are eligible to receive free compost and mulch.


School Diversion Rates for April 2015

School Diversion Rate
Canyon Middle 86%
Castro Valley Adult 75%
Castro Valley Elementary 82%
Castro Valley High 77%
Chabot Elementary 75%
Creekside Middle 77%
Independent Elementary 90%
Jensen Ranch Elementary 77%
Marshall Elementary 77%
Our Lady of Grace 72%
Palomares Elementary 80%
Proctor Elementary 77%
Redwood Alternative High School 88%
Redwood Christian 24%
Stanton Elementary 82%
Sterline West Anchor Education 90%
Vannoy Elementary 72%
Average Diversion Rate: 77%


Waste Reduction and Recycling Resources Guide for Castro Valley Schools