COVID-19 Service Update: No Toilet Paper Hygiene Protocol

One of the impacts of COVID-19 is a decrease in the availability of toilet paper to the community. Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) would like to remind customers that flushing anything other than toilet paper can cause unwanted sewer backups in your home, as well as backups in the sewer main. Decrease the chances of having untreated sewage enter your home.

Do not flush the following in your toilet for any reason: flushable wipes, wipes, tissues, paper towels, napkins, newspaper, coffee filters, magazines, socks, towels, fabrics, cotton balls, cardboard, t-shirts, and corn husks.

If you are using something other than toilet paper to aid in the disposal of human feces, the following protocol should be followed:[EN1] 

  • Immediately after use, place the soiled toilet paper alternative in a bag. [EN2] 
  • Tie off or roll closed the full bag.
  • Place the bag in the gray garbage cart or bin. Do not place the bag in blue recycling or green organics carts or bins.

 Avoid sewage back-ups in your home and help CVSan maintain the main sewer line. Only flush the three p’s: Pee, Poop, and Toilet Paper.