CVSan Recognizes Castro Valley High School Custodians with Award

School Custodians go above and beyond to help schools reduce waste. Schools in Castro Valley have high recycling and composting, or “diversion” rates, in large part due to the efforts of custodians. Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) recently recognized school custodians with its Ninth Annual CVSan Custodian Recognition. This year, the Dan Curry Custodian Program of the Year Award was given out to the custodial team at Castro Valley High School (CVHS).


Led by Vince Sly, the CVHS team worked on installing twelve new organics and garbage stations, which CVSan secured with a grant for the school. The team also worked on improvements to stations and the collection of organics in the classrooms. As a result of these efforts and the support of students and teachers, CVHS was able to reduce garbage service 33 percent per week this past February. This increased the school’s overall diversion (recycling) rate to 83 percent, saving the school thousands of dollars per year in garbage fees!


“The high school is like a small city, and it takes all of us to make it work,” said CVHS Custodial Lead, Vince Sly. The Leadership class is responsible for the Green Ribbon Program at CVHS and Leadership Teacher Tommy Maloney said “Vince, Aaron, and the entire custodial team are the unsung heroes of our campus. They are always willing to lend a helping hand and go that extra mile to make sure the campus looks amazing every day.” Principal Blaine Torpey recognizes their great work as well, “I completely concur with Mr. Maloney! They have also helped keep the Green School mission alive, working closely with and supporting those who are really driving the effort. Thank you for taking the time to recognize the stewards of our school!”