CVSan Recognizes Rob Aguilar with Good Green Attitude Award

School Custodians go above and beyond to help schools reduce waste. Schools in Castro Valley have high recycling and composting, or “diversion” rates, in large part due to the efforts of custodians. Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) recently recognized school custodians with its Ninth Annual CVSan Custodian Recognition. This year, the Custodian Good Green Attitude Award was given out to Custodian Rob Aguilar at Castro Valley Adult and Career Education (CVACE) School.

In addition to helping with the school’s Green Ribbon program, Rob was able to help steward the school toward a large reduction in garbage service this year. This past January, CVACE was able to reduce garbage service 33 percent per week. This increased the school’s overall diversion (recycling) rate to 83 percent. The reduction in garbage service saves the school thousands of dollars per year in garbage fees!

Staff at CVACE recognize the work Rob does to reduce waste. “Rob is a huge part of why CVACE is able to do so well with the Green Ribbon program. He makes thoughtful suggestions on how we can continue to improve because he recognizes the importance of reducing waste for the environment,” said Assistant Principal Keith Nauman. In recognition of Rob’s support of the Green Ribbon program at CVACE, Teacher and CVACE Green Ribbon Coordinator, Nguyen Lam said, “Rob fully supports our school achieving Green Ribbon certification every year. One such example, in preparation for the waste audit, he separated and labeled which program and classroom the waste came from, so we would have a better idea of how we're doing compared to last year and where we can improve. Rob is always there to help.”