Compost Give-Away Event Was A Success!

From August 17th – October 11th, Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) partnered with Pete’s Ace Hardware (Pete’s) and Alameda County Industries (ACI) for a Compost Give-Away Event.

Eligible residents registered for a coupon, which was redeemable at Pete’s for two 1.5 cubic foot bags of organic compost. Over the course of several weeks, a total of 1,263 residences redeemed their coupon for free compost, which resulted in 2,526 compost bags, or 3,789 cubic feet of compost, being distributed! CVSan was proud to continue to provide compost to the community this year.

 CVSan thanks Pete’s and ACI for their excellent work in helping to coordinate, and to Pete’s for loading compost into participant vehicles!