CVSan Commends Melody Appleton for Nine Years of Service

At the Regular Board meeting held on April 6th, CVSan’s Board of Directors (Board) unanimously approved Resolution No. 3488 expressing appreciation to Melody Appleton for her dedicated service as a member of the Castro Valley Sanitary District Board.

Melody Appleton began her tenure as a Board member in 2012 and served as the President of the Board in 2017. She was also the first-ever female member of the Board. During her nine years of service, she acted as chair of CVSan’s Center Street and Communications Committees and was a Member of the Finance, Personnel, Wastewater, and Zero Waste Committees. In addition, she was an active member of the California Association of Sanitation Agencies (CASA) Communications Committee.

Melody Appleton represented CVSan and Castro Valley citizens at numerous events, including CVSan’s Recycles and Earth Day celebrations, the Castro Valley Fall Festival, and Zero Waste Week. She tirelessly put the community’s needs first in her decisions as a Board Member and was instrumental in implementing CVSan’s immensely successful Private Sewer Lateral Program.

CVSan wishes her well in her future endeavors and has been actively reviewing qualified candidates who have submitted interest in the Board vacancy and plans to fill the vacant board seat at a Special Board meeting scheduled for April 27th.