CVSan Goes 15 Years Without Lost Time Due to Accidents!

Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) has achieved another milestone in its ongoing commitment to a safe work environment. April 10, 2021 marked 15 years without lost time due to accidents. That is 131,400 hours of continuous labor without an employee missing work due to a work-related accident.

CVSan has regular staff safety trainings, an active safety committee, and ensures equipment is inspected and certified at mandated intervals. CVSan performs construction-related activities and maintenance of sanitary sewer lines in both public roadways and steep easements. CVSan also conducts solid waste audits and performs other dangerous work with safety and protection of employees and the public always given the highest priority.

“This is a tribute to CVSan’s commitment and focus to high quality work with safety as a priority in everything we do,” says Roland Williams, General Manager. The chair of CVSan’s Safety Committee, Senior Collection System Maintenance Worker Gilbert Espinoza, added that, “CVSan hopes to continue this record by always adhering to the CVSan motto of, ‘Safety is no Accident.’”