CVSan Commissions the First Commercial Sidestream Treatment System in the U.S. Pacific Coast Region 

Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) in partnership with Oro Loma Sanitary District (OLSD) and Microvi have commissioned the first dewatered filtrate (sidestream) treatment system in the Pacific Coast Region of the United States. This project will aim to reduce nitrogen discharge to the San Francisco Bay by up to 8,000,000 pounds over 20 years. 

Nitrogen treatment in the sidestream is growing in prominence given its potential for significant reductions in capital and operating cost. The treatment of high-strength ammonia allows alternative, more efficient microbiology to be utilized without complex processes. Microvi’s technology for treatment of nitrogen simplifies the overall treatment process and can be retrofitted into existing infrastructure. 

CVSan General Manager Roland P. Williams stated, “CVSan is proud to partner with OLSD, Microvi, and HDR Inc. to bring this cutting-edge technology to our wastewater treatment plant. Spearheading this innovation illustrates our continued commitment to providing superior wastewater services while protecting the health of our community and the environment.”