CVSan Recognizes Tim DeForest with Good Green Attitude Award

School Custodians go out of their way to help schools reduce waste. Schools in Castro Valley have high recycling and composting, or “diversion” rates, in large part due to the efforts of custodians. Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) recently recognized school custodians at the 10th Annual CVSan Custodian Recognition. This year, the Custodian Good Green Attitude Award went to Custodian Tim DeForest at Creekside Middle School (Creekside).

The staff at Creekside recognize and appreciate the contribution Mr. DeForest makes to reduce waste at school. Known as one of the hardest working people at the school, Mr. DeForest is constantly trying to improve waste reduction. Mr. DeForest works diligently to pick up litter around campus and to make sure students and staff place recycling and organics into the correct containers. Mr. DeForest often emails Creekside staff with pictures of something beautiful in nature on the school campus to help brighten up the day.

As the Custodian Good Green Attitude award winner, Mr. DeForest exemplifies a spirit of stewardship for waste reduction. As a result of his efforts and the support of students and teachers, Creekside continues to achieve a high level of diversion and to receive CVSan’s Green Ribbon program certification each year.