ACI Receives California Green Business Certification

Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan)’s solid waste collection and processing contractor, Alameda County Industries (ACI), officially received California Green Business Certification in July. By becoming a member of the California Green Business Network, ACI meets the program standards for conserving resources, preventing pollution, and minimizing waste. Some benefits include saving money, community goodwill, and improved operations through innovations.

There are several requirements for a business to become certified including the exclusive use of energy-efficient lighting, low-flow toilets, recycled paper, and green cleaning products. ACI Sustainability Programs Manager Laura McKaughan stated, “Becoming a California Certified Green Business allows ACI to lead by example and share our experience with the businesses located in the CVSan service area. ACI formed an internal ‘Green Team’ where all the members worked together to fulfill the requirements to reach the certification.”

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