Construction Projects

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Aerial Pipeline and Pump Station Rehabilitation Project

Castro Valley has 14 aerial pipeline locations, and the maintenance of these lines is crucial for maintaining a healthy watershed. Learn More
  • Completed

Ecotone Project

The Ecotone Project turned a degraded diked bayland behind the Castro Valley/Oro Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant into an outdoor laboratory that protects infrastructure, removes unwanted harmful nutrients from treated wastewater, and provides a renewed habitat for wetland animals. Learn More

  • Current

Operations and Engineering Building - Center Street Project

In 2013 Castro Valley Sanitary District (CVSan) acquired a 73,000-square foot property located at the intersection of Castro Valley Boulevard and Center Street. Learn More
  • Completed

Santa Maria Avenue/ Redwood Road Sewer Repair Project

CVSan knows that investment in infrastructure is key to having a high-quality sewer system that protects our community and environment. Learn More