Residential Permits

Permits and Fees Cost
New Capacity Fee (Single-Family Residential)
Valid for one year. Cost does not include an inspection fee or any annexation fees.
New Capacity Fee (Other)

The fee is based on the number of new plumbing fixture units (PFU). The cost does not include the required inspection fee.
Inspection Fee $265
Repair Permit
Valid for 90 days. Includes two site visits. Any additional visits will require a new permit.
Abandonment Permit $175
Addition/Relocation Permit
Valid for one year. Addition and Relocation Permits include an inspection fee of $265 and under certain circumstances, a new capacity fee. The fee is based on the number of new plumbing fixture units (PFU).
$265 +  $715.52/PFU
Special Discharge Permits
Special Permit Application to be submitted to CVSan prior to discharge.
Annual Fees
Industrial & Intermediate Users $420.00 + additional monitoring fees
Minor Users $210.00 + additional monitoring fees
Groundwater Discharge $420.00 + $6.25/1,000 gallons
Truck-hauled Sewage Water Discharge (only domestic type sewage) $1,000.00 + $0.05/gallon
Swimming Pools $50.00 (minimum)

What are the types of permits/fees and what are they for?

Where can I pull a permit?

Who do I contact for more information on permits?

How does CVSan determine the cost its New Capacity Fee?

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