The Board’s standing committees may be assigned to review CVSan functions, activities, and/or operations pertaining to their designated concerns, as specified on each individual committee page noted on the left. Said assignments may be made by the Board president, a majority vote of the Board, or on their own initiative. Any recommendations resulting from said review should be submitted to the Board via a written or oral report. 

All meetings of standing committee shall conform to all open meeting laws (e.g., “Brown Act”) that pertain to regular meetings of the Board of Directors.

All meetings of standing committee can have open as well as closed session topics for discussion. A closed session may be held on any subject authorized under the Brown Act. Closed sessions must be properly disclosed and described in the agenda as required by the Brown Act (Government Code Section 54954.5.) The Committee shall not keep minutes of their closed sessions. Prior to holding a closed session on any matter, the Committee Chair shall refer to the closed session item or items by reference to the appropriate agenda item number(s). In closed session, the Committee shall consider only those matters covered in the agenda.

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