Request For Public Information

CVSan provides access to public records to comply with the California Public Records Act and other laws, and to be open and transparent.

CVSan can respond to your request most efficiently when you contact us via email at or by completing the form below. These methods will ensure your request will be properly cataloged in our system.

CVSan will respond to the request in writing within 10 calendar days of the receipt of the request, advising whether or not CVSan has the records sought and whether they are wholly or partly available for disclosure, or if more time is needed to respond. The time for notice may be extended up to an additional 14 calendar days in some circumstances.

CVSan’s rate per copy is $0.25. In the interest of conserving paper, or if the original documents dictate, duplexed copies may be made at a rate of $0.50. For duplication and processing of electronic records, such as audio or video files, the cost is determined by the actual material costs to process the requests (e.g. costs of CDs, DVDs, or USB drives).

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