Learn More about How Your Rates are Calculated and the Rates Review Process

How are recycling, organics, garbage, and construction and demolition rates calculated and reviewed? 
CVSan entered into a 10-year Franchise Agreement with Alameda County Industries (ACI) to provide municipal solid waste (recycling, organics, garbage, and construction & demolition debris) collection and processing services, effective May 1, 2019. 

ACI provides these services at specific rates for different customers within CVSan’s service area. The rate structure for solid waste services is comprised of customer groups such as: (1) single-family residential, (2) multi-family residential, (3) commercial, and (4) roll-off. The rates ACI charges for these services are subject to an annual adjustment.

The adjustments to ACI’s rates are determined by using an index-based adjustment methodology, a cost‐based adjustment methodology, and/or a recyclable materials processing costs adjustment methodology.

  • The index-based adjustment methodology involves the application of indices to various costs to determine the rate for a given rate period. These indices can include but are not limited to, adjustments to the processing and disposal costs to reflect the actual tonnage collected during the most-recently completed rate period, fuel costs, and vehicles related costs.

  • The cost‐based methodology takes into consideration the impacts of changes in inflation, deflation, number of customers, and the service levels of each customer to determine ACI’s allowable compensation.

  • The recyclable materials processing costs adjustment methodology allows adjustments for both the value of recyclable commodities and disposal based on the actual operating results of the approved recyclable materials processing facility.

CVSan has a third party conduct a review of ACI rates annually to ensure our customers are not overpaying for ACI services. Potential future rate increases are something CVSan does not take lightly. CVSan staff spends considerable time and effort analyzing the pros and cons of such increases as we continuously strive to find the balance between providing exceptional service at a cost-effective rate. 

For questions about proposed rates and fees that may be applicable to your property, contact ACI at (510) 483-1400 or info@alamedacountyindustries.com. 

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