Mountain biking is a great way to explore nature and get some vigorous exercise with your friends and family. While you don’t have to bring much with you, there are still things to consider for reducing waste while biking.

Before you go off on your biking adventures, you can take steps to pack with the environment and waste reduction in mind. Check out this Guide to Low Waste Bikepacking for more.

Bike Repair
If you need to repair your bike and don’t know how, ask Castro Valley’s own Bad Business Model Bikes! They repair bikes and donate them to folks in need. You can also find out how to repair a bike yourself at

Local Trails
Looking to find a great place locally where you can “hit the open road” mountain biking in nature? Check out the East Bay Regional Park District’s resources for local biking. Bike East Bay is another great place to get connected to the biking world in the Bay.

Purchasing Bikes
When you are looking into purchasing a bike, check out some of the brands that are making sustainable bicycles and conscious biking gear with this helpful article.

Renting Bikes
If you only need a bike for a short period of time, or want to “test drive” one before buying, check out information on bicycle rentals.


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