4R Star Business

CVSan’s 4R Star Employee Recognition 2020!
Every year, CVSan recognizes employees of 4R Star Businesses with awards for practicing the 4Rs within the workplace. After receiving several nominations from the community, CVSan has chosen three winners! Check out their stories below and congratulate them if you see them around town!
PostalAnnex reuses boxes
Meena Sharifi from PostalAnnex
To reduce waste, Meena checks if used boxes and packaging material are available for customers to reuse. She also offers customers the option to print double-sided to save paper.

Bee Best Learning Center Winner
Omid Jamdar at Bee Best Learning Center
During his lessons, Omid teaches his students about the value of recycling so they can share what they learn with their families at home.

St John Kronstadt Winner
Russ Kaufman at St. John Kronstadt Health Care Center
Russ set up stations with recycling and organics containers next to garbage containers throughout the care facility, which helped significantly reduce the facility’s garbage.

Become a “4R Star” with CVSan’s “4R Business, 4R Planet” Award Program!
CVSan implemented the “4R Business, 4R Planet” Award Program in 2009 to recognize and reward businesses for their environmental efforts.  The 4R Business, 4R Planet Program certifies businesses as 4R Star that complete ongoing activities in each of the 4R categories – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot (organics).  CVSan businesses that have recycling and organics services are likely already completing all 4R's.

  • cash award ranging from $150 to $525 (Award based on business size and level of waste diversion. Funds subject to availability).
  • An award certificate to display with pride.
  • One (1) free advertisement in the Castro Valley Forum.
  • Recognition on CVSan’s website in the 4R Star Directory.
  • And more!
4r star business photo doss sheet metal

Denis Shapland of Doss Sheet Metal demonstrates why his business is a 4R Star.  Denis recycles organic material from his business in a compost pile which provides nutrient-rich compost for his garden!

How Do I Sign Up?
Submit the 4R Business 4R Planet Application to get started! Eligible businesses include all businesses located within CVSan boundaries and include preschools. 4R Star Businesses are eligible for recertification every three years. K-Adult schools and home-based businesses are not eligible to become certified 4R Stars at this time, however, they may participate in the Alameda County Green Business Program.

4R Star Business Directory
Over 100 CVSan businesses have already implemented green practices in their business to become 4R Stars. Refer to CVSan’s 4R Star Business Directory to support local 4R Star businesses.

4R Star Employee Award
Every year, 4R Star Businesses have an opportunity to nominate their employees for a 4R Star Employee Award to recognize the work they do to help implement the 4R’s – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot. Follow @cvsan on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates. If you have an employee who deserves recognition, please email contact@cvsan.org.

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