Commercial and Business Organics and Recycling

COVID-19 Update: In order to keep the public and our staff safe, CVSan has suspended container and sign donations until further notice. Please do not submit any Donation & Supply Request Forms during this time. Businesses may download and print signage located at the bottom of the Commercial and Business Organics & Recycling page. The Alameda County Waste Management Authority provides free indoor food scrap bins to businesses.

Castro Valley Sanitary District has a ten-year agreement with Alameda County Industries (ACI) to provide recycling, organics, and garbage service for Castro Valley through June 30, 2029. For more information, read our ACI FAQ ’s.

Access your ACI account online at

Zero Waste by 2029
In 2014, CVSan’s Board of Directors adopted a Resolution to reach zero waste by 2029. The intent of CVSan’s zero waste goal is to significantly reduce the amount of materials sent to landfill, and to conserve and recover resources.

CVSan businesses play an important role in achieving zero waste by practicing the 4Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot).

Recycling, Organics, and Garbage
Per CVSan code, it is mandatory for commercial businesses to maintain garbage, recycling, and organics services with at least weekly pick-up. In the drop-down menus at the bottom of the page is a link to CVSan’s Commercial Zero Waste Services Guide. The guide is a great aide for setting up zero waste programs and informing businesses of all the programs and services available to them. Also in the drop-down menus below is more information regarding mandatory recycling legislation affecting CVSan businesses.

Recycling - CVSan’s recycling program allows Castro Valley businesses to divert clean paper, cardboard, plastics, metal, and glass from the landfill.  These materials can be placed in the blue recycling cart or bin.

Organics - CVSan’s organics program allows Castro Valley businesses to divert food-soiled paper, plant debris, and food scraps from the landfill.  These materials can be placed in the green organics cart or bin.

Materials that are placed in the organics cart or bin are sent to a compost facility to be converted into compost (a soil amendment).  Compost not only helps plants and crops grow, but it helps sequester carbon, retains water in the soil, reduces the need for chemical fertilizer, and provides other benefits.

Garbage – All CVSan customers must have garbage service.

Containers, Signs, and Decals
CVSan helps businesses to sort materials into recycling, organics, and garbage by providing internal containers, signs, and decals at no cost. Simply fill out a Donation & Supply Request Form or print your own signs and decals using the links available at the bottom of the page in the dropdown menus.

Commercial Services Offered in Bundled Rate Plans
Businesses can reach out to CVSan or ACI for help determining their service needs. CVSan’s commercial bundling rates allow businesses to create a customized bundle of recycling, organics, or garbage services. Use the rates and the following guidelines to decide which custom bundle best suits your needs.

For more information, email or call (510) 537-0757 x102, or call ACI Customer Service at (510) 483-1400.

Commercial Bundling Guidelines

  • Bundled containers must be different colors.
  • Bundles must be cart-to-cart or bin-to-bin; bins and carts cannot be combined in a bundle.
  • The bundled rate is for containers that are the same size and same pickup frequency.
  • If the second container is larger than the first, a supplemental fee for the additional capacity will apply.
  • If a 20-gallon garbage cart is the first cart, a 32-gallon recycling or organics second cart will have no supplemental fee.
  • If the second container requires a higher pickup frequency than the first container, the
    additional service will be charged at an à la carte rate.
  • Keep in mind: Any containers over three cubic yards are not available for bundling and are charged at the à la carte rate.
  • Pick a third container at an à la carte rate; any type, size, or frequency.

Hard to Recycle Items
The following resources are available for hard to recycle items. Items like household hazardous waste have specific disposal guidelines and do not go in any of CVSan’s curbside containers. Other items can be recycled at specific locations but not in CVSan’s curbside program. Contact CVSan, 510-537-0757, or ACI, (510)483-1400, if you have any questions.

Search for recycling and reuse options at  Re:source .

StopWaste Business Hazardous Waste Resources for commercial accounts in Castro Valley.

Construction & Demolition Debris services are available through ACI.

Pharmaceuticals & Sharps can be safely disposed of at specific sites in Alameda County.

E-Waste should be repaired or donated, if working, before looking for recycling options.

Businesses can bring E-waste to the April Recycles Day event.

April Recycles Day

Recycles Day is held twice a year but only the April event is available to businesses. At the April Recycles Day, businesses (and residents) are invited to drop off items such as e-waste, pharmaceuticals, old tires, and household hazardous waste for proper recycling or disposal.

Donation & Supply Request Form Businesses can request internal containers (at no cost to the business) by filling out a Donation & Supply Request Form

Alameda County Green Business Program
CVSan partners with the Alameda County Green Business  Program to help local businesses achieve higher environmental standards and enjoy the benefits of certification. To find out more visit

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