Unwanted and expired medications and home-generated sharps must be taken to special drop-off locations for disposal. Please do not place pharmaceuticals or sharps in any CVSan carts or bins set out for curbside collection. For safety, pharmaceuticals and sharps must be disposed of at a facility participating in a drug or sharps takeback program.  Please see facilities listed on the Alameda County Drug and Sharps Drop-off Sites, or at locations listed from other resources below.

Biannually, pharmaceuticals are also accepted at CVSan’s Recycles Day, in April and August.

For more Alameda County pharmaceutical drop-off locations, please visit

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Drug and Sharps Drop Off Locations and Mail-Back Programs5 documents

  • Alameda County Drug and Sharps Drop Off Sites
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  • Safe Drug and Consumer-Generated Sharps Disposal
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  • Medical Waste Recovery
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  • Safe Needle Disposal
    document _recordid 803
  • Mail Back Sharps Disposal
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