Residential Recycling

Residential Single-Family Recycling

Q. What are all the recyclables that are accepted?
    • All #1-7 Plastics Recycling
      Place all plastic food and beverage containers in your blue recycling cart or blue commercial bin for recycling. Plastic buckets and Tupperware are also accepted. (Styrofoam of any shape is not accepted.) Please note: biodegradable plastics which are derived from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane are often marked with a #7 (Other). These plastics, including bio-bags, are not recyclable in Castro Valley. Place these items in your organics cart/bin.
    • Aluminum Foil, Pans, and Scrap Metal
      In addition to aluminum, steel, tin, and empty aerosol cans, balled aluminum foil, pots & pans, and scrap metal smaller than two (2) feet in any direction, are accepted.
    • Bag-A-Bag Plastic Bag Recycling
      You can reduce the amount of plastics bags you accumulate by remembering to Bring Your Own Bag when you shop. For all other clean plastic film wrap and bags, simply bundle them in a bag and place them in your blue recycling cart or bin. The Bag-A-Bag recycling program is the only program offered by CVSan where a plastic bag is used to bundle recyclables. (Plastic bags may not be used to bundle other recyclables or organics.)
    • All Clean Paper and Cardboard
      All clean paper, including but not limited to: mixed paper, newspaper, office paper, magazines, notebook paper, catalogs, envelopes, wrapping paper, junk mail, telephone books, paper bags, etc. and all clean cardboard, including but not limited to: corrugated cardboard, paperboard, paper egg cartons, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, shoe boxes, etc. are accepted. (Paper that has been food-soiled, such as pizza boxes, coffee cups, fast-food paper wrappers and containers, paper towels & napkins, paper plates & cups, refrigerated beverage cartons, etc. are accepted in the green organics cart.) (Shredded paper that has been bundled in a paper bag is accepted in the green organics cart.)
    • Glass Bottles, Jars, and Containers
      All glass bottles, jars, and containers of all colors are accepted. (Windows and mirrors are not accepted.)
    • Shelf-stable (Foil-lined) Cartons
      Clean shelf-stable (foil-lined) cartons are now accepted in the blue recycling cart or bin.

Q. I have extra cardboard that won’t fit in my recycling cart. What do I do? A. The following applies to Single-Family and Multi-Family Residents with blue cart service: When your blue recycling cart is full, flattened corrugated cardboard no larger than 4’ tall x 4’ wide may be placed beside the recycling cart for collection.

Q. How do I recycle Used Motor Oil? Filters? Other auto fluids?
Please visit

Q. How do I recycle batteries?
A. Because of the toxic chemicals that can leak from batteries that end up in a landfill, it is against the law to throw any battery (including household batteries) into the garbage.  Single-family and multi-family residents with blue recycling cart service may participate in CVSan’s curbside battery recycling program by placing used dry cell batteries (household batteries such as AAA, AA, B, C, D, 9V, and small “button” batteries) in a sealed clear plastic bag on top of your blue recycling cart on your service day. No automotive, lithium-ion or liquid batteries are accepted. Please tape terminals on 9-volt batteries.

Commercial customers can drop off batteries at ACE Hardware located at 2569 Castro Valley Blvd. or at CVSan’s April Recycles Day. Additionally, commercial businesses can participate in the Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste program to receive Small Business Hazardous Waste Disposal Services for batteries or other hazardous waste.

For more information on how to recycle your items, visit this page.
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