Monthly Department Updates

1.         Zero Waste Department
The Department prepared and submitted its Brainstory through 2022, and drafted Zero Waste District Performance Indicators for 2020/21. The Department relocated workstations and practices in order to effectively work from home. Staff participated in the regular and special Board meetings in April, 80th Anniversary Committee, and Electronic Document Management System meeting.

2.         Zero Waste Committee
The Committee will meet on May 13th and minutes will be included in the July Board agenda packet.

3.         Zero Waste
Staff continues to work on Zero Waste Strategic Plan and Zero Waste Communications Plan updates. The Zero Waste Strategic Plan draft update will be reviewed by the Zero Waste Committee in May. Both plan updates will be posted to the CVSan website in the coming months.

4.         Alameda County Industries (ACI)
COVID-19: A verbal update of how ACI has been managing the effects of COVID-19 will be provided during the May 5th Board meeting. Should there be a need to immediately contact customers, ACI is finalizing arrangements to provide automated phone messages with ACI’s phone number as the caller and the ability to leave a voicemail message. Delinquent Accounts: The fourth and final notification letter from ACI was mailed at the end of April to customers with past due balances of 120 days. CVSan prepared a Final Request for Payment and Notice of Administrative Hearing for issuance on May 7th certified with read receipt to 595 property owners. FAQs were prepared for CVSan and ACI and the website was updated.

Monthly Coordination Meeting
: ACI and CVSan staff met on April 24th and minutes will be included in the June Board packet. Rate and Contract Amendment: Final draft amendments and an ordinance will be reviewed by the Board at the May 5th Board meeting. Please see attached Countywide rates from StopWaste. Textile Collection Week: ACI will be providing bagged textile collection June 1st – 5th from single and multi-family residents. If St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County is unable to accept materials due to COVID-19 impacts, an alternate location will be proposed.

5.         CalRecycle
City/County Payment Program: Staff is assessing status of funds remaining to determine what items should be purchased prior to the funding term ending.   CalRecycle Jurisdiction Review: Staff participated in the annual conference call with CalRecycle as part of the District’s Jurisdiction Review and it went well. CalRecycle provided questions ahead of the meeting to CVSan staff who provided written responses and discussed responses on the call. The questions focused on household hazardous waste programs, recycling programs, organics programs, and SB 1383 initial planning. CalRecycle explained that the typical site visit that follows the annual call would be postponed until further notice.   Copia Grant for SB 1383 Assistance at Hospitals: CalRecycle is offering one year of grant funded SB 1383 compliance assistance, provided by Copia. Copia was awaiting the necessary paperwork to be signed by Eden Medical Center by the March deadline in order to begin assistance. Staff has not been able to get confirmation if Eden Medical Center met the deadline and has asked Copia if the grant will be extended due to the COVID-19 situation.  

6.         Legislative Updates
SB 1383: CalRecycle released the next draft of proposed SB 1383 draft regulation text on April 20, 2020. CalRecycle has opened a 30-day comment period ending on May 20, 2020. Staff will review updates to the new draft and will submit comments to CalRecycle, if deemed necessary. Staff conducted an SB 1383 presentation at the Special Board Meeting on April 21, 2020. Staff provided an overview of SB 1383 and presented a compliance status document which tracks CVSan’s level of compliance with the various requirements of SB 1383.  

7.         Multi-Family Recycling
Staff completed two multi-family Zoom online trainings with StopWaste Partnership staff from Cascadia Consulting leading the trainings. Attendance and participation in the trainings was excellent with 40% of occupied units engaged and represented from Chateau Andre and 30% of units engaged and represented from Magnolia Gardens for each community’s respective one-hour training. Participants in the trainings had many questions answered in regard to what goes in recycling and organics and where to dispose of certain items that do not go in their curbside carts or bins. Staff is now reaching out to more multi-family communities via email and eBlast to hold other similar trainings in the future. Staff has almost completed development of the Multi-Family Recognition Program and is working to roll this program out to the community later in the year when COVID-19 impacts have subsided.    

8.         Commercial Recycling
Alameda County Green Business Program: Staff is working through the Green Business Program checklist requirements in order to recertify CVSan as an Alameda County Green Business. 4R Business, 4R Planet Award Program: No new applications were received in April. All on-site commercial 4R Star Business verifications are on hold due to the social distancing protocols related to COVID-19.     Commercial Outreach: Staff did not conduct site visits at businesses in April due to the COVID-19 situation. ACI staff conducted one site visit via email exchange. All on-site commercial site visits are on hold due to the social distancing protocols related to COVID-19.   

9.         School Programs
Green Ribbon Schools Program: Awards checks totaling $30,355 for all sixteen schools awarded Green Ribbon certification for the 2019/20 school year have been sent out.   Student Scholarship: The two students who were awarded $1,000 each for the 2019/20 CVSan Environmental Leader in Waste Reduction Student Scholarship were notified, staff has received their senior portraits and a press release is coming in early May.   Waste Audits: All sixteen school audits have been conducted and reports, including the individual school’s program report, are almost complete and will be sent out to schools to help in improving their programs.   10.       Street Cans/Recycling Pyramids and Maintenance Staff continued research for the street can replacement project. The street can options will be presented at the May Zero Waste Committee meeting for feedback. Staff will consider all feedback and present a full recommendation for dual and triple stream street cans at the July Zero Waste Committee meeting. The Altamont Education Advisory Board did not accept CVSan’s funding request for $47,800 to help fund the purchase of new street cans. Staff will look into other avenues of funding, such as Alameda County.  

11.      Used Motor Oil Recycling Grant
UOPP: CalRecycle notified staff in late November that CalRecycle had incorrectly calculated the OPP 10 awards previously reported due to a data collection error. CalRecycle informed staff that CVSan would receive $40,320 for OPP10 instead of $40,396. Staff received $40,320 in April for OPP10 from CalRecycle.   CVSan will contribute at least $10,000 of UOPP funds to the StopWaste Used Oil Media Campaign. Staff is ironing out the details of how funds will be spent given recent developments due to COVID-19.     Filter Exchange Program:The Spring Filter Exchange Program coupons expired on April 30th. Of the 130 participants, a total of 101 participants (77%) redeemed their coupons.  

12.       Earth Day Clean-Up and Recycles Day
Clean-Up: No change since last month.   Recycles Day: Staff continued to publish outreach materials to inform the public of the Recycles Day cancelation.   Staff will move forward in ordering reusable signs from Cal Safety for future events. Sign artwork has been drafted and will be reviewed at the May Safety Committee meeting before being sent to Cal Safety for production.  

13.      Advertisements
Four Zero Waste-focused ads ran in the Castro Valley Forum during April: Extra Service Tags and Garden Bags, Store In Reusable Dishes, Start a Garden at Home, and Compost Food-Soiled Paper.  

14.       Pipeline Newsletter
Staff completed work on the Summer Pipeline Newsletter. The final proof is being reviewed and will be sent to print in May. Initial work has begun on the Fall Pipeline Newsletter.    

15.       Website/Social Media
In April, CVSan had one Zero Waste-focused ad run on Facebook about Food Storage. There were an additional eight Facebook posts including a week-long virtual Earth Day celebration. There were seven twitter posts about Food Storage, Earth Day, and the status of the CVSan Recycles Day Event. Staff continued to edit numerous pages of zero waste web content for the launch of the new website. A photoshoot was completed to create image content for the website.  

16.      E-Blasts
Staff sent out several eBlast newsletters for the month of April, including: Events and Education, Multi-Family Communities, Schools, and Commercial Businesses. The Events and Education newsletter covered learning online about the connection between zero waste and climate (with a short video by Ecocycle), how to make a D-I-Y face mask, and taking a virtual tour of a plastic recycling facility. The Multi-Family newsletter covered COVID-19 update on ACI services, digital resources available to tenants, and information on CVSan’s microsite. The Schools newsletter covered information about CVSan’s microsite, information about our Zero Waste Characters (who they are and why), and the link to CVSan’s award-winning characters movie. The Commercial Business newsletter covered CVSan office and staff updates during the stay home order, ACI’s COVID-19 updates, CVSan’s new website, and edible food recovery through the Alameda County Community Food Bank. 

17.       Reduce
Staff continued posting on social media for the food waste prevention campaign where, once a month, a fruit or vegetable will be highlighted in a social media post that’s visually stunning and contains tips to reduce food waste and links to more resources. This month’s post focused on carrots and a soak in water to refresh them.  

18.      Reuse
Staff updated pages related to Reuse on the new website. Staff is in the process of updating reuse maps to reflect business closures in the past year.

19.       Event Greening
With events on hold or cancelled for the near future, event greening did not have anything to report for the month of April.  

20.       Community Group Outreach (CGO)
No change since last month.  

21.       Green Hearts Volunteers
Staff did not meet with the Castro Valley High School Green Hearts Committee in April. With the COVID-19 shelter-in-place (SIP) order, staff does not have any volunteer opportunities planned for the near future.    

22.       Staff Training
No change since last month.

23.       Donation & Supply Requests
Donation & Supply Requests are on hold due to the COVID-19 SIP order. Staff did not finalize any donation requests for the month of April.  
Month 2020 Administrative Fees Received New Res Pack Sent Extra Service Tags Sold Paper Garden Bags Sold Service Referral Used Oil Resi
Jan $185,242.64 58 4 5 14 16
Feb $119,608.16 56 20 12 44 20
Mar $74,776.27 51 16 16 35 10
Apr $176,010.67 59 0 0 34 0
2020 $555,637.74 224 40 33 127 46
2019 $1,244,105.21 661 108 146 251 183
2018 $1,237,983.77 685 70 181 185 184
2017 $1,184,010.66 693 127 172 89 155
2016 $1,130,189.26 710 166 55 128 130
2015 $1,081,778.12 668 231 63 133 81
2014 $1,038,681.55 682 214 72 102 89
2013 $1,032,944.80 569 237 106 98 92
2012 $1,018,905.30 799 198 110 92 78
2011 $980,417.43 579 195 135 150 83
2010 $920,986.76 671 205 96 187 100
2009 $777,740.14 544 277 159 743 215
2008 $608,998.07 446 374 149 136 137
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