You may not think working out and zero waste are related but think again! You don’t need to buy fancy equipment for optimal workouts, try using what you already have instead. Outdoor spaces can provide you with all the exercising “equipment” you need. Add walking or running, hiking, or biking into your routine. Find indoor or outdoor space with a set of stairs for a great interval workout. Many magazines have suggestions for workouts at your local park or outdoor space, check out these articles on Men’s Journal and Shape Magazine.

Next, think about your workout clothes. If you are new to working out, check out your local thrift store for potential gear or look online (craigslist, eBay, freecycle) for gently used clothes and shoes. When your workout shoes are worn out, consider donating them to Nike's Reuse-a-shoe program.

If you can’t find anything second hand, check out this list from Refinery29 for ecofriendly workout gear for women. Many of these companies are either fair trade certified or use recycled materials for their products. Even yoga mats can be made of recycled or reused materials! A quick online search can find many options.

Don’t forget to stay hydrated with a reusable, stainless steel water bottle. If you need to refuel with snacks after a workout, consider whole fruit or carry snacks in a reusable pouch or container.

Start a gear collection bin at your local pool to share goggles, kick boards, and fins. When purchasing a new swimsuit, stretch the shoulder strap upwards towards the ceiling. The suit is the correct size if you can only stretch it to your earlobe. Making sure that you buy a suit that is not too large is important because suits that are too loose will stretch and wear out much more quickly. Even though the suit may seem too tight for the first few months, it will reduce textile waste over time!


Purchase recycled swim gear whenever possible. TYR has a line of eco-friendly swimsuits made of recycled textiles, while Nike manufactures recycled silicon swim caps.

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