While Chabot Theatre in Castro Valley participates in our programs and has great recycling and composting stations in several places, not every movie theatre is aiming for zero waste.

Tips for Going to the TheatreWhen you take a trip to the movies, consider bringing some snacks in reusable pouches or containers. Another thing to remember is that the lid and straw for your drink are not recyclable or compostable so consider refusing those; after all, cups still work without them and the drink might taste better without the plastic anyway. has a great blog of tips on zero waste moviegoing as well.

If you do buy that beverage, candy and/or popcorn at the theatre, don’t worry, you can always “pack out” and bring the packaging/containers home to compost (or recycle if they’re cans or bottles) if the movie theatre doesn’t have compost or recycling service available. Packing out may be a great option for many theaters since what gets left on the ground is often just swept up with other little and placed in the garbage, without sorting.

Filming a movie and want to know how to reduce waste? Check out’s blog on Ways to Get to Zero Waste on a Film Set. There are also organizations like Ecoset that help film crews reach for zero waste.

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