When you are enjoying the great outdoors, whether camping, hiking, or rock climbing, there are many ways to go for zero waste. One great start is to check out the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace.

Reuse through Renting
Want to try a new outdoor activity but don’t want to buy all the costly equipment first? Consider renting outdoor clothing and gear instead of buying! Below are a variety of options that can help you rent everything you need for your next adventure.

Hiking offers an excellent opportunity to explore the splendor of the natural world. For those of us who love exploring the natural world, choosing to follow a zero waste lifestyle while hiking is easy. Planning ahead is an essential step while out on the trail. Instead of packing single use items, such as granola bars and packaged water, make your own trail mix, or fill up a reusable water bottle.

Leave the trail and/or the campsite the same way you found it. Accepted hiking and camping etiquette requires nature goers to leave nothing behind and is another essential component of practicing zero waste while out on the trail. Bringing reusable bags, garbage bags, and/or bio bags with you on the trail and making sure to pack up everything you brought with you will ensure your day on the trail holds true to the zero waste principles you hold so dear (Zero Waste Guide for Day Hikers). Whether making your own snacks, packing your own water, and/or taking what you brought with you, it is easy to follow the principles of a zero waste lifestyle while hiking.

Rock Climbing
Living a zero waste lifestyle while enjoying the rush and splendor of rock climbing is as simple as staying true to the common practices and principles that make up the sport. Rock climbing involves a set of basic gear that is not meant for single use. Climbing shoes, harnesses, carabineers, belay devices, ropes, cams, and the myriad of other climbing gear are designed to use over-and-over again.

The only essential item for climbing that is a single use item is chalk. Buying these items on their own can be expensive, but climbing gyms will let you rent them. If you are planning on going to Castle Rock State Park or one of the many other amazing climbing locations around the Bay Area, you can look into buying used climbing gear at places like Gear Trade, eBay, or Gearx.

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