Reuse Swap Events

Reuse swap events are simple and can be a lot of fun. Everyone brings items they no longer want and wish to swap, and in exchange, everyone leaves with items they can use!  Consider hosting an event with friends, and make it a reuse swap party with music and food! Reuse swap events help reduce waste and offer a creative way to save money and share items that can be useful to others. Read on for ideas on how to plan a reuse swap event!

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Clothing, Toy, or Halloween Costume Swap
Do you have extra toys, clothing, Halloween costumes or accessories that you do not have a use for anymore?

Don’t throw them out, hold a reuse swap event!  Reuse swap events can be a fun way to get neighbors and friends together, and it helps reduce waste!

  • Find a location:  You may want to host at your home, place of business, or find public space such as a library, church, or school. Any location can make for a fun event.
  • Ask for help: Swap events require work which includes taking in, organizing, and distributing items brought to the event. Delegate people to sort items, manage tables and to help with cleaning up.
  • Set guidelines: Offer a guide to the value of items being swapped so items are swapped for fair trade.
  • Who can attend:  If children are allowed, consider a designated play area with toys to play with and ask adults to supervise their children.
  • Consider hours for the event:  Events are usually two to three hours so a lot of swapping can happen.
  • Publicize the event: Make sure to get the word out among family and friends. If the event is open to the public, consider posting it on Freecycle or Craigslist.
  • Bring supplies and ask attendees to bring reusable bags: Create signs for items and areas at the event to help keep things organized.
  • Consider what to accept and how much attendees can bring:  Set up rules of what type of items to share at the reuse swap event. Things to consider:
    • What condition will the items accepted be in?
    • Can items be in need of repair?
    • Should there be a limit, such as each attendee bring and take one bag?
    • Should there be a credit system where each item brought to the swap gets a value assigned to it in exchange for other items?
    • Restrict large items like furniture which are generally not in the spirit of swap events unless all attendees are swapping similar items.
  • Plan for leftovers: Some items may be left behind after the swap event.  Plan a trip to the local Goodwill to donate leftover items, or post them to Freecycle or Craigslist. Attendees can also just take home their items that did not get swapped.  Whatever you do, just please do not send them to landfills!
  • Have fun! – Swap events can be a social gathering with food, beverages, and music.  Some events even include activities such as toy/clothing repair, crafts, and games.