Green Hearts is expanding!

CVSan Green Heart Volunteer Program Guide

Click the image to download the Green Hearts Volunteer Guide (PDF).

The CVSan Green Hearts Team is for members of the Castro Valley community who are looking for a great way to give back to the environment and CV.  Green Hearts Team volunteers will wear their hearts on their sleeve with the goal to help others compost, recycle, and beautify Castro Valley all year round.  Green Hearts volunteer opportunities include the following:

  • Event Recycling and Organics (Compost) Station Monitoring
  • Cleanup Assistance
  • Food Scrap Recycling Visual Audits
  • Clerical Assistance
  • CVSan Social Media Promotion
  • And more

Everyone is welcome to be a part of CVSan Green Hearts and receive a free team t-shirt, for your volunteer effort, like the one shown in the pictures below.

Would You Like Be a Part of the Green Hearts Team:

If you would like to become a part of the CVSan Green Hearts Team or be on the email list for volunteer opportunities, please call CVSan at 510-537-0757 or email us at